Viking 11 refit week 5

Hello folks

Viking 11 is now back at her berth in front of our home in Runaway bay, the engine room refit is complete and I am more than happy with how it looks. The QSM11’s Cummins look like they were made to live there.  We have repositioned the generator and other items, making huge improvements in the layout and access. We have not as yet done proper sea trials but a quick squirt down the bay took us to just a little below 30knots into a 20knot head wind. I have posted some pics now so check them out below.

Also now that the Viking II is almost ready to head north for the Cairns Giant Black Marlin Season anyone interested in jumping on for the trip from the Gold Coast to Cairns (or Hamilton whichever is suitable) for a week of fish and fun we are offering the trip at next to nothing!  Contact Kim on 0438183159 or Bill on 0427183159 for further details.