Viking 11 first Grander 2012 7th October 2012

Hello Folks

First day with my  friends Joel Pallister, Stuart wright and their  bussiness associates, had me wondering weather I should have turned right instead of left on departure from Cooktown. By 4.00pm I had not even marked a fish nor had a chop off, than a few marks started to show and than the big crash tackle on the skip Bait 20 minutes later, a 800lb fish was released after a very spectacular performance. It was ashley’s first marlin what a first fish.

The boys were stoked, but little did we know what was about to happen, 30 minutes later a blind bite and Stuart Wright vertually just wound it to the boat, I called that it may be a shark, how wrong was I, all of a sudden the line started to angle up, and out she came, Yes over the figure. The fished relised it was in trouble and started smoking all over the place, the speed that this big fish got up to was amazing, and one would be excused for thinking it was a blue marlin. It was a great experience for all aboard, and the yelling screaming so on was heard from the other boats in the area.

Stuart wright the angler of my first grander for the season has had a amazing year of luck, His first meter Barra, his first hole in one, and now his first Grander, we celerbrated a little that night, No I should say alot, This blog has taken me a hour to write, Talk soon