These clients are on fire.

Hello folks
Well These guys are so lucky another big fish, I would say with no hesitation one of largest I have seen. We had it on the leader inside the hour and crewmen Andy Dow did an out standing job, 5 big jumps on the wire than got it close for a gaff shot , only inches and the shot was their. She moved from one corner to other but just out of reach of a gaff shot, my controls in the tower pulled out of the consul as I tried to stay with it . There is such a big difference between keeping a big fish and tagging it. The fish than went down and dogged it on the wire and Andy made the right call and let go. She went deep and 88LBS of drag could not stop a blistering 300meter run. The size of this fish had its tail beat hitting the end of the wind on and cut it off. The clients were blown away and exhausted angler Doug is ordering the largest fish cast he can. A small 300lber in the morning brings my clients total to 8 for this trip with one over 1000lb and 3 over 850lb.