There back

Hello folks.

It had to happen, one thing certain about the cairns fishery is it dosn,t stay calm forever and after so many days of Glamour weather, the wind came with a vengence. With the wind came the fish, and up and down the reef the reports started to flow in.

My clients of the last 4 days Chris Batty of Complete Angler and friend Rebecca, started off. Chris got his first fish of the trip and Rebecca got the shots with the SLR, Day 2 and the weather got fresh to frightening and little Rebecca, started doing it tough. Back to Cooktown to let her sit it out and Lucky Andrew Penniski joined us. We elected to spend the day light tackle due to the weather, and caught about everything that swam around the reefs.

The next day we toughed it out, and Andrew got his first fish of the trip a 500lber, the bites Keep coming and on the last day we were getting a good furry of bites, one a real nice fish that managed to fall off.

The tally at the end was 5 to 550 lb in the 4 days of heavy tackle fishing, GT’s, Bluefin tuna, Spanish Mackerel, behind the reef to break it up.

The weather is coming down and the bite is heating up Stay tuned.

Capt Bill