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13th October 2013 3rd charter 3rd Grander.


Hello folks

Well its been a interesting week to say the least, a motor shut down on the way back in from the last charter so a couple of days fishing on one engine, working back to cairns for repairs and a lost day in port while all strings were pulled to get a new high pressure fuel pump up from Brisbane, which somehow got lost in transport. No stress in this job.

Any rate all ended Ok and we were off very early the next morning, and I headed straight for the Ribbons. We managed only a 300lber on that day, the next day I had a feeling about No 8 Ribbon so I worked up there and gave it a solid day another small fish and a few marks keep my interest, but at 5 30 it was looking like the small fish was going to be it, Than it happened a truly very large fish left a whole in the Ocean as if a bomb had exploded on the stinger bait, Half an hour later we let a third grander for the season go this was the largest so far, and I had no Hesitation in calling it well over.

The Texas clients were amazed at how huge it was having only seen fish up to 750LB and they achieved what they travelled all this way for, the broken boat on the first few days was well forgotten.

On way at present to lizard Is, for the prestigious Lizard Island Black marlin Classic, Keep turned to see how we Go.

Capt Billy Billson




Water running uphill

Hello folk.

Just finished a three and four day charter, Rodger and Barbara Cunningham, from NZ had 3 days of Glamour weather, and some good action, a 500lb and 300llb marlin were caught as well as some nice yellowfin on the bait rods to 15kg that gave them both some good entertainment, and the extra oversize spanish mackerel kept coming.

You may remember Dave Mcpherson from last season, Dave was lucky enough to catch 2 huge marlin in the one day. The first I called over 1100lb and than another that I don,t know but it was much bigger. Dave luck was not as good on this trip, the current had turned to be running uphill and the action slowed, but we stillo got a couple of smaller fish to 300lb for him, Dave is one of those Guys who loves it just for being out there and he has certainly seen the highs and lows.

The wind is kicking in and we have a few rough days ahead, but it will more than likely bring them on, I will keep you informed.

Capt Billy Billson

Pakula SPROCKET again gets eaten by Large fish.

20th September.

Fishing a little slower than our first. But we have had a hook up on another nice fish while travelling to another spot, Our Favourite big fish candy a Pakula Lumo sprocket did the job, But after a couple of outstanding first jumps the hooks fell out. Weather is beautiful now Hoping for some good shots today if we get lucky.

Hot water early and the big ones are here.

17th September 2010

Tim lonsdale first of 5 days was a cracker, Tim fished last year and you may remember that group Caught 2 over the 4 figures in a day, Tim came back as a loner this year, and again has already experienced what Cairns is famous for. I spoted the bite of a nice fish on the left bait, and it was so good to see, the circle hook caught the corner of the jaw, and after a great fight the nugget of the fish was released every one aboard was stoked as it was our first big fish for the season and on our 3 day of fishing.

Tim fished Both Azores and Madiera before comming hear and went 8 days without a bite, well as the day progressed we caught a small fish and towards the end the right rigger with the swimming scad came out of the clip like a arrow from a bow, another big fish started ripping up the ocean, and after 45 minutes I was looking at a fish alongside that had the length to be 4 figures I believe it was a bit lean from what I saw of the Jumpes so 950lb would be a safe call.

What a day the water is much hotter than normal for this time of year, and the water is purple and plenty of bait marking on my spots I love for the big ones keep tuned.

Capt Billy Billson


Starting 2010 Season

Hello Folks.

Just about to start my Heavy Tackle season. Had a enjoyable trip up from the Gold Coast, Pickingup some Clients at Hamilton island and fishing our way to Cairns, Sport fishing and Bottom fishing. Great trip Plenty of fish for the boys, I have just arrived in Cooktown and will be Starting my first trip from here. Wazza and new boy Simon Hogg (Hoggy) have done a great job on the preparation. keep tuned for our reports. 

22nd November 2009 5th Grander for season.

Been very slack with the blog report, as you would know, Just getting a little tied.

Had a couple of days off with my family, who came up from the Gold Coast for a visit. It was a very pleasant couple of days. We started a new charter on the 19th with Steve and Jo Tatham and friends from WA, They have had a great trip so far with Tim Perry catching a grander, and Steve catching one also very close I called 950lb, with 2 other smaller fish as well, the group have exceeded all expectation. This makes our 5th fish for the season over the 4 figure mark, and with many other top end fish our season has been a special one. About a week to go now and its all over for another year, and looking forward to a break. 

11th November 2009 Back on the bank.

Hello Folks

Been a few days sinced my last blog, To be honest Just getting a little to tied some nights. Have been fishing Brent Morehouse for the last 5 days and averaging a fish a day, Today we had 4 bites on Opal Ridge and got 3 to 850lb, Brent is no newcommer to catching nice marlin having caught 3 up and over the 1000lb mark since he has been with me, in 9 years. He also reminds me that he has’nt missed catching a nice one in the 9 years he has been coming to the reef. Brent is from the states and loves Australia and the GBR.

I am getting quite excited as in 5 more days, or as my son Kai tells me 5 more sleeps I will be seeing my whole family for the first time in over 2 months. It will only be for 3 nights untill I go back out and do the last few weeks before heading home. Holly, My eldest daughter, Emmie- Rose, and Kai, and of cause the wonderfull Kimmy, will be staying in the Shangra la  hotel for a week, complements of the owners. The job does have some great perks. But being away from the family for so long is very hard and I miss them very much. This may not be a Marlin shot but means so much more to me .



Our Fouth Grander for the season.

Hello Folks

Yesterday was a special day. Beau Quok owner of the Shangri la Group of hotels Caught a special fish on a lure after a special fight. The fish eat a lumo Spocket, which was the same lure I have caught Many giants on. The biggest weighed being 1134 lb, This fish I feel was larger.

I did not see the bite, and the fish was wound to the boat as if a 15kg Wahoo, I good see the lure and a little bit of colour and called it a wahoo as the angle of light was playing tricks on me.

The so called wahoo took off, ripping line off the reel with 20kg of drag, and I started backing out to see chasing this 15kg Wahoo. 15 Minutes later a very large fat Marlin started jumping all over the ocean, Many times reassembling a blue marlins performance, It was a outstanding fight that left us all breathless, It was a serious battle and Beau did an outstanding job, the leader was taken after a solid hour of the most amazing big fish fight I have ever witnessed.

On the other matter, I do not make such comments without justification, and the grand poo Bah of the NSW Charter boat licencing Mr James found no record of the mentioned boats, Having a Charter boat licence to operate in NSW IN 2009.

As he pointed out to me all boats with a CFB No must display the number very visibly on the vessel, Or this vessel is deemed not to be a licenced NSW charter boat. Just as any commercial vessel. This No is to let the public and other operators know that the boat, is legal to operate in NSW. 

As for the legal action that I have been threatened with, bring it on!! 

I will not enter into the personal mud slinging that was seen on the other site, No one is perfect and yes I have regrets. The most important thing to me is not what certain boat operators think of me in this industry, But how my clients think of me, Mr Beau Kuok for example, and the other regulars who fill my boat up hear year after year, and have been doing so for 23 years now.  And I am only out hear supporting a family, and  at 52 that is the most important thing to me. I will not be drawn in to mention any of the Past history of one of the Capt’s of the boats in question, to compete with the mud slinging on me, But remember people who live in class houses should not throw stones.



3rd November 2009 Catching up.

Hello Folks

I know been a while since my last blog, Been up at Yonge Reef out of range but let me catch up. Firstly the Lizard Island Black marlin classic has been run and won. With Sharky Miles on the Mauna Kea, having a hot day on the 6th day, finding a nice little pod and getting 4 from 6 in 2.5 hours, And gave the boats in the hunt a little bit of a slap in the face .

Mauna keatook out Champion Boat with 11 tags, Spartacus runners up with 9 tags, and Joe Joe 8 tags, and Viking 11 with also 8 tags, Congratulations to the winners, and to Bob Low and his team for another outstanding Tournament.

One of the big Highlights of this tournament was the fact that, 10 fish over 1000lb were tagged and released.

My good friend Beau Quokand his lovely lady Ying, from The Shangra la hotel group, are back for their second trip of the season, this time doing a live aboard, Beau loves the livaboard deal withjust him and his lady, and plays second chief with his amazing abilities in the galley.

We always spend a big part of the day light tackle and bottom fishing, and sneekout for a few hours Heavy Tackle in the afternoon, we are loading up the freezers and have still managed to keep in touch with the marlin averaging 1 a day.


Had quite a few enquires as to why my Boat and a couple of others, get so little mention or not listed as the Cairns Charter fleet, on another Major fishing Blog. Well I am not in a position to speak for the other guys but hear is my side of the story, and happy to let it be known.

As many of you may not know, to legally operate a charter boat in NSW, you have to have a NSW Charter boat licence, these had to be obtained by showing history in the industry in NSW as the licences were capped at around 200. They did not issue them easily, and the other option was to purchase  a transferable Licence, at a considerable sum of around $20,000.

Being a Owner operator and 3 kids to support, It is easy to get frustrated when you find that operators who live in Queensland take there boats to NSW and operate and market themselves as being available for charter out of Port Stephens NSW, without the proper licensing and Documentation.

The boats in question are run by the father and fiance of the author of that other marlin blog,

In a industry that is hard enough to keep your head above water, when you are the Man who  also pays the Bills, I will not accept The fact that Charter boats, who are owned by wealthy owners who have employed full time Captain’s do operate illegally and are competition in a market place, that I have spent large somes of money to operate legally.

On my last trip to Port Stephens, I let the operator or one of these boats, That he should address the fact of becoming legal, and I was less than impressed with what he and his future father in law had done and were consistently doing.

In retaliation, I was removed from the mighty blackmarlinblog, by the wife to be, and of cause she finds great difficulty in having to mention Viking 11 on her blog.

As my Father well and truly drummed into me as a youngster, some things in life just can’t go unchecked. And I will never back away from expressing myself, and doing what is ever necessary to look after my family, and If I see the other businesses operating unfairly, and potentially taking food from my children’s mouths, I will be very happy to express my points of view, again!!!.

With close to 30 years in this industry, and a Client base and friends from every corner of the Globe, This foolish move in retaliation for my Honest and just comments, will only help my business in exposure, and let honest hard working people, in other lines of work know a true storey.

By all means do not stop tuning in to Kelly’s blog as she has much more time and skills, to keep you in touch with whats happening on a day to day basis. But you may have to click on another site to get the full story.

Looking forward to comments, and if Luke, Kelly, and Jim would like to discuss this further, I am always available.

PS. Should get the mobile phones ringing on the reef.

Capt Billy  



what he and his future father in



Big fish Bonanza 21st October 2009

The crew Peter and Wazza enjoy a beer after a great dayHello folks.

Well the flood gates opened yesterday and the big Girls came rolling in. We had a day to remember releasing two over the magic 1000lb figure, and jumping another fish off. The last big fish was released at 6:00 pm and the boys were jumping out of there skin. I witnessed the Watch dog also doing battle with a nice one, and in the distance could see other boats fighting big Girls, It was a day to remember for this season, and my new crewmen Peter Twiner leadered his first grander, and did a out standing job.

A few days ago I was complaining About not staying attached to big fish, these clients have now caught 1 over 900lb and 2 over 1000lb in 5 days fishing, and they still have 2 days to go.!!! 



Wind Blows again and the fishing goes insane

                         17th October 2009.

Hello Boys and Girls Greetings from a Windy No 10 ribbon Reef, Great day today the extra wind has bought the fish on the chew big time, we had 6 bites pulled the hook out of a big one and caught 2 around 400lb. We have had a few very big fish bites this season and must be getting close to our number comming up soon. We are only fishing half days as the clients are enjoying the Mothership in the mornings

12th October 2009 The frustration of marlin fishing some days

Hello Again

5 bites one really big fish, and lost them all. But logic says that if you can lose one you can lose 5, the luck factor comes into it. And all this action happened in just I hour. Other reports up and down the reef were mixed but Good friend Peter B wright on the Sea baby IV has had to excellent days with a 900lber a 800lber and a 400lber and than followed up with a fish over 1000 lb the next day, Now thats what we call on fire.

More tomorow, have to go and catch some Red emperor


Gold Coast Heavy Tackle Tournament

20th April 2009
Results for the heavy Tackle tournament run from the Gold Coast.
Day 1.  Weather wise it was a cracker but unfortunately the fish were holding deep and very few rose to the offerings, only a few boats managed to get bites,  Yvone was first on the board with a striped marlin, than Mistress skipped on the day by Well known Gold Coast Captain Ross McCubbin put a 200kg Blue on the deck, and only one other fish listed, another Blue Marlin.
Day 2.  With the weather picking up saw many of the smaller boats call it a day. But the ever consistent Graham McCloy caught wife Carmen a potential Qld record Blue Marlin, and only one other blue caught.Final
Results – first boat on the scoreboard took out the honours For tag and release – Yvonne  with one striped marlin.
And largest fish weighed was Mistress 200kg Blue Marlin.

A bit of News from New Zealand. A big blue Marlin has been weighed at Hohoura, North Island,  on Thursday?

It is the biggest marlin ever weighed out of NZ waters at 483.4kg = 1063lbs. (The previous biggest being a black at 473kg = 1040lb.) Apparently the beast was caught on Harlequin with John Douglas by first time marlin angler Ross Jameson.  Well Done.

Gday folks.
Another good day on the bank for Big Fish. We let go a solid 850lber and also hooked up on a fish that angler Terry and crew wanted to put in the Boat. Than a Bazzare thing happened we were about to grab the Leader when one of the following Male fish got the line caught in its mouth and started jumping next to the boat and got caught up in the whole program breaking our attachment to a donkey of a fish. The small fish was released  while caught up in the line and leader. And the Big girl owed it’s male partner a big thankyou. In my 25 years up hear I have never seen anything like  it .