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19th September 2011 Plenty of Action

Hello Folks
Well after the Boys had their quota of fish to take back home in the fish boxes, we thought we put in a solid effort looking for Marlin. I decided to work the top of No 5 ribbon, the water looked fantastic, and with a nice a solid set to the south, and some tuna showing up on the points, it was’nt long before we had our first bite. No luck with the hook up but soon after our second bite proved to have a better result, the action kept rolling and as the fish were no bigger than 300lb we decided to use light tackle for a bit more sport.

Having to meet a plane out of Cooktown, meant we had to finish at 1500 so my first charter for the season, managed 3 black marlin for their last day one which was caught on a bait rod, so with a bunch of quality table fish, in the freezers and 3 marlin for their 3 day trip the lads from the gold Coast were more than happy

First trip 17th September 2011

Hello Folks
We have started our season, with 4 Clients from the Gold Coast, the plan was to leave from Cairns and fish our way north and finish in Cooktown, Our first day resulted in raising 2 Marlin, one around 600lb and another small fish, Both fish did not really want to eat.
Day 2 the Boys were keen to get amonst the action behind the reef, with some sportfishing and reef fishing. we had a great Half day, with some quality spanish Mackerel, and putr the boys on one of my Red emperor spots, and did they have a ball pulling on these top of the line reef fish. We bagged out and left them bitting, Than it was off to behind the reef for a fish feast, and swim.

We did not get into the Marlin fishing programe untill 3.00 pm and just trolled down sea to our anchorage at No 3 Ribbon, but we couud’nt put the iceing on the cake of a great day by catching a marlin.

Starting 2010 Season

Hello Folks.

Just about to start my Heavy Tackle season. Had a enjoyable trip up from the Gold Coast, Pickingup some Clients at Hamilton island and fishing our way to Cairns, Sport fishing and Bottom fishing. Great trip Plenty of fish for the boys, I have just arrived in Cooktown and will be Starting my first trip from here. Wazza and new boy Simon Hogg (Hoggy) have done a great job on the preparation. keep tuned for our reports.