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What a bite. A grander good not have done better.

Hello Boys and Girls

Enjoying the soapy.

I will be taking a closer look at this as a whole. But to answer the question on my professionalism I have the owner of the Shangri La hotel group on board Mr Beau Kuok who has been with me for 8 years doing up to 2 large trips a year .

What impressed me the first time I fished with Bill was His attention to detail and his pursuit of excellence in everything he does. I have fished in many places in the world and on many charter boats and i have yet to find a better Captain than Bill. Over the years many of my friends have joined me on the Viking11 for very enjoyabletrips catching big Black Marlin and great bottom fishing,but what they all comment on is Bill’s focus on all aspects of his Boat,whether it be theCrew, all aspects of safety, engines,fishingequipment, quality of meals, or just having a swim. We have always had the most enjoyabletime especially as we all know that we are in the safe hands Of Bill , who will also find us nice Fish. I keep coming back because I know I am fishing with the Best. Next year’s trips have already been booked………….Beau Kuok.

Wind Blows again and the fishing goes insane

                         17th October 2009.

Hello Boys and Girls Greetings from a Windy No 10 ribbon Reef, Great day today the extra wind has bought the fish on the chew big time, we had 6 bites pulled the hook out of a big one and caught 2 around 400lb. We have had a few very big fish bites this season and must be getting close to our number comming up soon. We are only fishing half days as the clients are enjoying the Mothership in the mornings

2nd October 2009 No world record but great fishing

Hello folks

Well moto has finished his charter, looking for a 700lber for eight kilo, but no cigar, we raised 10 fish on the teasers all eat the  hookless  baits, But nothing over 400lb. Moto attempted to get the blacks to eat a minow popper but they coud’nt be fooled, He was very satisfied with the amount of fish he saw. Catch up more tomorrow.