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Our 2005 heavy tackle season started on the 6th September and finished on 1st of December 87 days straight chasing the giant black marlin that migrate to the Barrier Reef every year. All of our clients went away with some amazing memories and extremely happy so much so that on returning home in December my wife Kim informed me that our book was full for the 2006 season. Some highlights were.

Regular client Brent Morehouse from the US topped off a great week by catching another grander with us. He is getting towards double figures with nice ones now, but still won’t put one in the boat unless a definite 1100lb.

Ferdi Pistirious from South Africa got 2 over 850lb in the Lizard island classic. Bill Holt also from the US letting a monster go over 1100lb. Old time friend and partner in the original Viking Paul Kelly had a blinder 4 days catching 5 over 900lb and 9 in total.

Dan Percy also from the US followed on the hot early November bite, with a total of 9 for his 5 days. His first day a 750 lb’er he lifted the ante on the second day with a 850lber than the next day a 950lber and to really put the icing on the cake let a monster go well over 1000lb in his last hour of his last day.

December saw us moving from Cairns to the Gold Coast were we are now calling home. Our young family Kai now 2 ½ and Emmi-Rose nearly 4 are loving it and having the Viking 11 parked out in front of the house makes life much easier, and lets me spend more time with the family.

By early February this year, we were doing our southern season out of Port Stephens, we started our season and the fish started snapping, Up to 10 billfish a day was not uncommon and all 3 species Black, blue, and striped marlin could be caught in a day. Neil Delaney caught a Grand Slam for a single angler, and had some hot fishing for his 5 days.

Our 1ST Workshop was held on the 11th and 12th of February, I would have to say my best ever, they are becoming very popular and from the remarks from the students they are more than impressed with what we teach them. There fishing day on the Sunday saw many of the students putting into practice what we taught them, and catching there first ever marlin.

Regular Japanese Fly-fishing client Hiro had booked his usual 7 days out of Port Stephens. The fishery stayed strong and we hooked some nice fish on the fly. A 600lb Blue, which blew us away on 20lb tippet, and a weighed 125 lb black on 16lb tippet just a little under the record were a few of the highlights.

We fished the NSW interclub tournament last weekend in February and the 1st weekend in March. We have won this event 3 times prior with capture, and I was keen to take out the Tag and Release section. To our delight we achieved that feat this year, to the best of my knowledge I don’t believe this has ever been achieved before. 13 black and Striped marlin tagged and released in the 1st weekend of the tournament did the job. My Wife Kim took out Champion overall angler, and also Champion female angler. She did a great job on the rod and we were more than delighted.

Thats all for now but check back soon for some more news

Hope to see you soon

Captain Bill