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13th October 2013 3rd charter 3rd Grander.


Hello folks

Well its been a interesting week to say the least, a motor shut down on the way back in from the last charter so a couple of days fishing on one engine, working back to cairns for repairs and a lost day in port while all strings were pulled to get a new high pressure fuel pump up from Brisbane, which somehow got lost in transport. No stress in this job.

Any rate all ended Ok and we were off very early the next morning, and I headed straight for the Ribbons. We managed only a 300lber on that day, the next day I had a feeling about No 8 Ribbon so I worked up there and gave it a solid day another small fish and a few marks keep my interest, but at 5 30 it was looking like the small fish was going to be it, Than it happened a truly very large fish left a whole in the Ocean as if a bomb had exploded on the stinger bait, Half an hour later we let a third grander for the season go this was the largest so far, and I had no Hesitation in calling it well over.

The Texas clients were amazed at how huge it was having only seen fish up to 750LB and they achieved what they travelled all this way for, the broken boat on the first few days was well forgotten.

On way at present to lizard Is, for the prestigious Lizard Island Black marlin Classic, Keep turned to see how we Go.

Capt Billy Billson




2012 Giant Marlin Season wraps up.

Hello folks

Sorry for the big delay since last blog, The boats wireless system had a hick up, so comunication has been hard. The viking 11 arrived back on the Gold Coast on the 10th of December so playing catch up with every thing, including my Children.

As per some previous years, the fishing moved a little out from the reef edge, during the later part of November, and besides marlin to entertain the guests ,we were also ambushed by some big yellowfin tuna. To move around and find the pods of fish, lure fishing was the go. One special day we had out wide we had all of the 130lb outfits screeming at once, marlin in the air as well as yellow fin over 100lb, it was mayham to say the least.

The giant blacks were amongst all the comocean, and some very large fish were encounted by some lucky anglers. Giant marlin on lures are a blowout!, and the water that these huge fish move when chasing down a lure, resembles a submarine, arriving to the surface.

Our season was spectacular, some mighty fish, great times with my clients and crew, and Viking 11 ran like the machine she was built to be.

Our score

Being conservitive we released 4 marlin over 1000lb plus one of these over 1100lb plus, 2 marlin 950lb to 1000lb, 3 marlin 850 to 950lb Total just below 50 fish for 62 days, we had other days were we were not chasing marlin.

I will be working out of the Gold Coast untill the middle of January, than off to Port Stephens, untill April.

May I take this oportunity to wish all a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. And look forward to seeing you aboard with us real soon.


6th November. Great finish and Great Start

Greetings to all.

Johan my new Swiss friend finished his 6 days on board with another big fish to his name, A little earlier start due to his last day and earlier finish saw us  catching some nice fresh Bonito. They were put in the water at 10.00 and soon after a very active 200lber was released.

Another fresh morsel was put out, and a quality 8oolber grabbed it. Johan was more than impressed, with his trip, 8 for his 6 days  a 900lber a 800lber and came close to keeping a fish well over 1000lb.

Beau my partner owner of the Shangri la chain of hotels, Started his trip on the 4th, Beau this time bought along his daughter for the first time and regular young couple Susie and Eduardo. A nice lunch on the Mothership Galaxy, and we started fishing at 13.30. What a after noon we had.

Sussie was put on strike first by Beau,  and a hot hour of fishing began. Susie who has never caught a marlin before was hooked up to a very active 600lber, than Beau’s daughter who also has never seen a marlin, got a 400lber, Beau jumped in the chair for a 300lber all in a very active hour.

Things settled down, and  Eduardo was wating his turn, and at 17.00 it happened a nice 800lber grabed the long bait, and the fun began again.

What a great afternoon Beau was ecstatic, He yelled up to me” Bill back to the mothership to celebrate ” Which of Cause I obliged!!

Love this job.

There back

Hello folks.

It had to happen, one thing certain about the cairns fishery is it dosn,t stay calm forever and after so many days of Glamour weather, the wind came with a vengence. With the wind came the fish, and up and down the reef the reports started to flow in.

My clients of the last 4 days Chris Batty of Complete Angler and friend Rebecca, started off. Chris got his first fish of the trip and Rebecca got the shots with the SLR, Day 2 and the weather got fresh to frightening and little Rebecca, started doing it tough. Back to Cooktown to let her sit it out and Lucky Andrew Penniski joined us. We elected to spend the day light tackle due to the weather, and caught about everything that swam around the reefs.

The next day we toughed it out, and Andrew got his first fish of the trip a 500lber, the bites Keep coming and on the last day we were getting a good furry of bites, one a real nice fish that managed to fall off.

The tally at the end was 5 to 550 lb in the 4 days of heavy tackle fishing, GT’s, Bluefin tuna, Spanish Mackerel, behind the reef to break it up.

The weather is coming down and the bite is heating up Stay tuned.

Capt Bill

8th October 2009 Finally a nice one

Hello Beautiful people

We worked down from No 10 to the middle grounds yesterday and spent a couple of hours catching huge spanish mackerel on live scad at top of No 7. We fished down to top of No 5 and worked it for the rest of Day Finally a nice fish appeared behind the scad bait, with a couple of male companions. The nice fish had no trouble in engulfing the scad and young Jake was hooked up to this black beauty, the fish gave a great performance, and was released, at 750 800lb. The baits went out again and almost straight away a bivgger fish came in and looked like it would eat for sure, when a large wahoo came in and won the race to the Dinner table. Another raft up with Iona 11 and socialising with friends and clients will known angler Jon Paul Richard from FRENCH LOOK fame,

My buddy’s from sydney Neil and Jake francis who bought up there own boat DEALNE this year to the reef, are having a ball and have already caught a 800 and 900lber with Capt Tiger at the helm, Linden bank was the hot spot.

It is my last day today, of this 7 day charter, and hoping for a grander to make a great trip even greater, than onto the Mothership Alantic Princess for 14 days, 7 With Beau Quok his father and companions, regulars and Grand Poo bah’s of the Shangra lai chain of hotels, and 7 with new clients Brian Shingle and friends from the states. It will be a nice break from the liveaboard programe for us.


1st October 2009 Popper Madness

Hello Boys and Girls

LURStill fishing Japan Client Moto, Chasing world record on 8kg. We have not raised a fish around 700lb to have a crack at the title yet, But having alot of fun teasing smaller fish and trying to get them to eat the popper or stick bait. we are averaging 2 shots a day on the teasers and have been up the top of No 10 ribbon looking for the right fish. Today is our last chance for a crack at the record.

Reports from other boats show that the big Girls are starting to role in. ALURE, kEKEOA, TOPSHOT, and RELEASE have all caught fish over 800lb and the big girl bites are starting to increase, our turn today.  


Port Stephens fires late. Up comming Gold coast Heavy tackle tournament


12th April 2009 Easter.

Hello folks.

Hope all are enjoying Easter, Not much happening on the gold coast last week due to the bad weather, But Port Stephens is going off with a late bite on Striped marlin, The fish are big and healthy and good mate Scott from the little charter boat freedom has been getting amongst them with up to 6 1n a day. He also reports that the small trailer boats have been having a ball. I am keen to get back their, and although the Viking 11 is back working on the coast, I have the use of a similar vessel fot Port Stephens if anyone interested. Got some great deals available with accommodation, at recession rates. The Cairns Black Marlin season is also quickly approaching we have a good season booked but their is a couple of hot spots still available, and looking at the ocean currents for this season, it is going to be a cracker. Not much to do on Viking 11 this year after the big refit with the cummins last year, but a new teak deck will be laid and I am going to pick up the spray gun once more for a touch up.   

Highs and Lows as the wind blows.

Well our luck had to change. after the 3 weeks of our marlin season enjoying over 90% hook up rate the Monkey jumped on our back in the Lizard Island Tournament. Even though we managed to release a beautiful fish well over 1000lb our hook up and catch rate declined dramatically. For the seven days of the tournament we had 17 bites with one being another monster but only managed to tag 2, one fish charged the boat and got cut off before we could tag it, if it could go wrong it did, Top boat finished with 6 in a relative slow tournament this year. You know what they say. ” The sun dos’nt shine out of the same dogs arse all the time “

Regular client Paul Kelly catches 8 Blacks for 3 day trip

Well he has always been lucky and this year was no exception.  Paul Kelly has fished with me now for 24years, and was the original owner of my first boat Viking,  and is one of my closest friends. Just completing a three day trip paul managed to release 8 black marlin, not bad for a guy who religiously will not start Marlin fishing till after a swim, fresh fish lunch and a bottle of wine, Paul normally will take a week but he is a little at edge with the market at present. Good on you PK always great fun with you aboard.