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24th October 2013.My best run of big fish ever

Hello Folks

26 years of driving Viking and Viking 11 in the Cairns Giant Black marlin Season, I have never had a run like I am having with the big fish, we have fished 25 days so far and have caught 10 fish over 800lb and well I believe that 6 of those fish were over 1000lb and pushing 1100lb. Now some of you might think that my years are starting to play with my judgement, but my seasoned crew are also amazed at the results.

Just fished new comers Paul Harper and Matt Smith. for just 3 days, straight out of the Box we caught a 300lber,  but the baits back out and a double header the smaller of the 2 fish earned its freedom and the 850lber was Matt’s first ever Marlin.

Day 2 the action started at 2.00pm when a classic big fish bite on the left tuna bait had us all screaming half a hour later Paul Harper let go a beauty, again over 1000lb was my call. Another high light of that big fish it was caught on one engine, as a electronic issue put my port engine out of commission. It put a new meaning to crazy boat driving.

Day 3 things seemed a little slower, and a lost rare blue marlin for on the edge of the reef which eat a lure while heading up the track for some bait fishing, was our only action. Than when I was just about to call wind up, another real nice one climbed on the left bait again. After some great action explosive runs and aerial performance we let the big girl go.

What a finish to a amazing 3 days, the boys were  blown away, and so was I.

2 over the number a 850lber a small 300lber and 3 other jump off of smaller fish.

Can this continue. Put some pictures up soon

Capt Bill


13th October 2013 3rd charter 3rd Grander.


Hello folks

Well its been a interesting week to say the least, a motor shut down on the way back in from the last charter so a couple of days fishing on one engine, working back to cairns for repairs and a lost day in port while all strings were pulled to get a new high pressure fuel pump up from Brisbane, which somehow got lost in transport. No stress in this job.

Any rate all ended Ok and we were off very early the next morning, and I headed straight for the Ribbons. We managed only a 300lber on that day, the next day I had a feeling about No 8 Ribbon so I worked up there and gave it a solid day another small fish and a few marks keep my interest, but at 5 30 it was looking like the small fish was going to be it, Than it happened a truly very large fish left a whole in the Ocean as if a bomb had exploded on the stinger bait, Half an hour later we let a third grander for the season go this was the largest so far, and I had no Hesitation in calling it well over.

The Texas clients were amazed at how huge it was having only seen fish up to 750LB and they achieved what they travelled all this way for, the broken boat on the first few days was well forgotten.

On way at present to lizard Is, for the prestigious Lizard Island Black marlin Classic, Keep turned to see how we Go.

Capt Billy Billson





Hello folks

Just finished a 5 day charter with the boys from private Boat JAG that they left home this season. Mick and Deano, we had a ball great fun guys, although the fishing was a little slow, luck was on the boys side, with a couple of small fish to wet the appetite on the third day we jumped off our first nice one for the season, the last day off the trip arrived and we got started, only 30 minutes into the day and a very large fish had a soft bite on the tuna, the second bite was a bit more aggressive and we came tight.

The true size of the fish was not realised, than she did a set of amazing jumps down the side of the boat, a real nice one I saw enough to make me believe that we were hooked up to our first Grander for the season, within 30 minutes we had this beautiful fish on the leader, a couple of great jumps on the leader, and she was released. Jubilation all round, Big Deano had caught his first grander and although a little out of breath, the smile was from ear to ear.

Than once we got set up again, I went back to my mark and again another nice fish jumped on, This time Mick was in the Chair and a solid 800lber was released, what a last day. The boys got into the celebration drinks, and myself and crew Westy and Carl joined them in Cooktown that night.


lady battles Giant marlin into the night.

Greetings all.

Well after a slow trip with my old friend Paul original owner of the original Viking. My new Clients Sarah and Scott Smith from USA, joined us in Cooktown, Sarah was a very keen angler and in the sport now for 3 years. After a early lunch and Chair setup specially for her, we were underway.   We worked No 8 Ribbon Reef most of the day, hooked a fish but it got off, I had a hunch to try a spot on No 9 Ribbon that has worked with the current runing this way before, and at 5.40pm my hunch paid off.

The right rigger went off with a crack, and Sarah was hooked up solid. The fish was making all the moves of a large one, and than she showed herself, another very large fish Viking 11 was hooked up to.

I was amazed at the energy and natural ability that sarah had in the Chair, with the very heavy tackle, and what she lacked in size she certainly had in strength and determination.

The fish had all the tricks, and showed herself fully many times, believe it or not sunset came and  Sarah took on sunset drag without a problem.  Our oportunity came and Randy Baker got the leader, The fish had been caught, Randy did his best to keep a hold but the big seas got us at the wrong time, and the leader got pulled from his hand, we fought the fish into the Dark, and with sharks starting to show on the Furuno, I made a call to cut her free.

A tricky trip back behind No 9 Ribbon in the dark, and I climbed down the ladder to congradulate a very tied lady

Viking 11 No 2 for season.

Hello Folks

Day 4 of Joel Pallaster and team started as usual, the boys climbing out of their bunks looking very ordinary after the preceedings the night before. They have been still celebrating stuart wright grander.

A lunch and swim behind the reef, got everyone back in shape. Baits in we headed down the ribbons, the water turned nice at the top of No 5 and it was already busy with other boats working. A look around myself reveiled some good marking, I stuck it in to see if I could get a bite amounst the pack, and not to long before a fish took the stinger bait. The size was not clear, but it was showing all the sighs of being the extreamly large mark that got my attention on the Furuno.

Shane the angler fist time marlin fishing in the chair, was getting pulled, but the fish was lazy and than not far from the boat she came up and did a couple of large lunges towards the boat, Randy Baker grabed the leader, and this very large fish laid their for all to see, the screeming and yelling again was crazy, I called the fish 1100lb, and the atmoshere was electric.

2 more bites for the day, got the boys a 500lber and 350lber another amazing day on the GBR.

Capt Billy Billson.

frustration has a whole new meaning.

Frustration has a whole new Meaning

Hello Folks

The first weekend of 50th anniversary NSW interclub tournament is now history,and as I  ponder on the wording for this blog, I realise how much the luck factor can play in the sport of game fishing.

We were on the Board with one of the first tag and realises of the tournament, a solid black marlin, then with in another half an hour, we were again hooked up to another over size black for this fishery. This fish well over 200kg gave us a early chance with the Tag pole, but it did not find it’s mark, and it realised that it better keep as far away from that screaming engine noise as possible.

The hours ticked by and another couple missed opportunities, and then after four hours of what I could only call now wasted time the inevitable happened. Obviously feeling a bit flattened we were back on the spot, the sked report made me aware that we had wasted too much time and the pace was getting away from us.

When it rains it pours and again within minutes we were hooked up again, this time to a very large Striped marlin that took us all around the fleet in hot pursuit. Then it took off down sea at top speed for what seemed an eternity. Again when the opportunity arose, the tag shot went astray and made contact with the line. I remember saying something like bad luck or maybe something along those lines.

We had been hooked up most of the day and yet our result at the end of day 1 was one tag, well off the pace of 5 for the top boat.

Well with that day out of the way, you would think that, things could only get better. I arrived on the grounds at 0630 due to the crazy time they start fishing in this tournament. (leaving the entrance to Port Stephens at dark with another 170 odd boats of all sizes departing at
similar time is a navigation night mare, and it looks like they will not change this criteria until someone has a collision at sea, which could have a disastrous outcome. I only hope that this stupidity does not cause a loss of life.)
The baits went in the water at start fishing 0700 and immediately we were hooked up to a double header, both going in opposite direction, and we were getting smoked, I made the decision to lock up one or lose both. With one fish gone I was just about to do chase to the other fish, and due to the amount
of line out the line parted. It appeared the Monkey had not got off my back.

Well my old mate Percy veer came to my aid, and our luck finally turned, after a shocking start we finally started catching. At the end of the second day we caught 5 striped marlin for the day, up there with a good result for the day, but our 6
fish total for the 2 days is well off the pace. The result for the Tournament so far in general is outstanding, good results both in marlin of all sizes and extremely large sharks. It looks like the 50th anniversary Interclub will be one to remember. Stay turned.

Marlin, Red emperor Coral trout Grand Slam November 12th 2011

Hello folks

A little late with this entry, Just finished another 7 days with my Partner Beau ( Mr Shangri la) we utillised the mother ship Galaxy 1 for his stay, and i must say it was a first class operation, one of the best I have experienced. Beau,s trips are always a mixture of fishing, and we always enjoy putting him on some quality reef fish, this trip they had a ball and the quality of fish, including  Red  emperor, and Coral trout put a big smile on all of Beau’s quests especially his wife Ying who loves pulling on these magnificent table fish.

We marlin fished only a few hours each afternoon and still managed to catch a few Marlin, one around 800lb. and wife Ying got her first ever Sailfish while light tackle fishing behind the reef, Beau was extreamly happy and said it was one of his best trips ever.

Just finished my second day with regular client Brent Morehouse, the first day Brent managed two fish around 250lb and 350lb and on his second day a real big Girl game in on the skipping Tuna, she was a quality fish and certainly got my attention, She had a change of heart and switched to the swimming scad, which the big fish engulfed a hard tough fight with only a couple of jumps followed, Brent was up on the drag to sunset 88lbs of Drag early, as the sharks can be a issue on Linden bank, The heavy drag and Brents experience of  12 seasons fishing with me, had the big fish on the leader in about 30 minutes, We released the fish and I called it over 1000lb, Brent was ecstatic, and so were all aboard. There has been a great number of large fish around this season and we have certainly seen our fair share.

14th October 2011 Great days Great fishing

Hello Folks

Well Joe Golias and Austin Dishman from Texas, so far have had a trip of a life time, Joe’s encounter with the very large fish on the first day, was followed by a bunch of fish to 500lb on the second day, of ell thir trip. Over cocktails last night Joe asked me how many fish do you think we might catch tomorrow Capt Bill,  of Cause my answer was Joe would be happy to catch just a big one after the day we just had.

Well out we went, and 10 minutes of having our lines in the water, we got the bite I was looking for, and 30 minutes later we released a fish just a little shy of 1000lb. Austin biggest ever fish, and a great way to start the day, well it was a little slow after that, untill I got to a spot I named hollies half way along No 10 Ribbon. ( My Wife at the time went in to Labour for my eldest daughter Holly white i was fish this spot, and i had to race to No 7 ribbon to meet seaplane to get back to Cains for the birth.

It is one of my favourite places to fish now, and it is well known by most captains who have been arouind a while, well it produced for me again and another big one jumped on this fish was spectacular and with some close handed jumps that showed her true beauty, the big fish was released, 2 big ones for the day, the bites kept coming from a couple of medium fish to also, to break up the day. The Texas boys after 3 days are blown away,and are already organising there trip for next season.

My Client has taken over. 26/11/2010

For all of Billy’s fans out there who are getting a bit tired of checking the blog and finding it NOT updated (like me!!) this is for you!

Bill finished an 8 day charter with Phil, Matt, Tony and Mick and the boys all caught fish for a total of 6 for the trip.  Phil had one hit the mark and after much debate, Tony’s Blue was approx 550-600.  I know the guys had a great time with many memories made.

We started a 7 day charter and the weather gods haven’t been too kind.  Day 1, no cigar (a nice 22kg yellowfin doesn’t count!!) but day 2 provided some joy with Steve catching  a 550-600 Black with two other bites not sticking.

More updates tomorrow – I promise!

12th November 2010 Another great day.

Hello Folks

Scott Watson from Brisbane started his trip with a bang yester day, We had been following the reports that the bank was firing, while we were in the ribbons, so we moved quickly when we did our change over to get there. The move paid off, at 3.00 pm it started to happen first with a great fish we let go, after some spectacular jumps on the leader calling it over 1000lb, the action kept comming for us with a 400lber, and to finish of another nice one of around 800lb. Another great day.


5th November 2010 Big fish Charter for Beau my Partner.

Hello folks

Yes everyone complaining my Blog is not up to date, little to much to take care of sometimes, and rather be catching than writing about it, so lets see if I can get a bit up to speed.

My Partner Beau had another 7 days which finished on the 5th we caught 9 fish from 15 bites, His first day we got the big one that as mentioned earlier gave us One hell of a fight we let it go at a conservitive 900lb, we caught fish up to 700lb on other days and had 2 three fish days.

On the second last day Beau’s generosity was shown again, when he asked the chief out for the day, and kept him on strike for most of it. Steve caught 2 one around 700lb and Beau got the last one for the day as Steve was a little worn out. What a wonderful jester from a beautiful man.

We had to finish at 2pm on the last Day and right on 2pm Beau was rewarded for his generosity, the previous day when a beautiful fish crashed the skipping Mack Tuna. The bite was impressive to say the least, and so was the fight, The fish was let go after some great jumps on the leader in 15 minutes, what a way to finish a great trip. The fish was over 1000lb and I have never seen Beau so happy, Great things happen to great people. 


30th October 2010 My son's Birthday and Big fish

Hello Folks.

Last trip we had the rubber hook issue, Getting bites every day but on managing to stay attached to a few, But another nice one of around 800lb for good friend Aaron, being his first big marlin put a smile on his Dial.

My Partner Beau Quok is again aboard for 7 days and our first day, we got a beauty right up there in size but one of the hardest fish I have ever caught, The drag went to serious when I spotted the sharks on the sounder, and after some great grey hounding Jumps it wwent deep, and showed she was no pussy.

We had the drag pushing 88lbs around 40kg and she would not respond to the normal programe trying to get her, after a back breaking Battle we got her on the leader and Wazza gave all to lift her.

She was a beautiful fish and once released gave another jump which I could not believe.

Well another nice one for our tally for the season, we have done very well on the nice ones, I will count them up and let you know.

Capt Billy Billson


24th September 2010 Just won my 5th Lizard tournament.

Hello Folks.

Well after a tough 7 days of tournament fishing experience has shined, and we came through as the winners in the 24th Lizard Island black Marlin Classic. This is my 5th win in this prestigious tournament, and would like to thank My Great  Anglers, Jim and Rick and my Crew Wazza and hoggy. 7 fish in the 7 days 2 over 900lb and a double header, That got the better of us. Thank you to the great support my friends have given me.

Capt Billy Billson 

21st September 2010 I am still standing.

Hello Folks

Little bit of wind last night up to 45 knot, kept me and and my crew on rotation for anchor watch, we have managed to keep in frount in the Lizard Tournament, after a 2 fish day yesterday, and winning another daily.

2 days to go and with some very good Captains in contention it will be a typical Case of its never over till the fat lady sings, My crew are doing a excellent job in harsh Conditions, new green Horn Hoggy is the best I have had for a long time,  and long time friend and crewmen Wazza is one of the longest serving still in the industry is as always amazing, in more ways than one.

Capt Bill



19th October 2010 Gout and Marlin fishing.

Hello Boys and Girls.

Those who know me can contest that I love a red wine and rich food and Shellfish, Perfect combination for servere Gout, especially when you do not take the pro gout medication. Well just at the start of the Lizard Island tournament I got the Worst case of Gout I have ever had on my left knee. The tower got abandand and my days have been spent sitting on the helm seat on the bridge leg raised.

The boat driving on fish has been a testing time, and the double header we hooked yesterday was bound to happen under the circumstances,

We have now caught 5 in the tournament 2 900lbers and lost the Double header, we are leading but only by one fish, with 4 days to go, The great news is my gout is improving.