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IOOOLB Black and Blue on Viking 11

Hello Folks

Heading for the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow, still mid December keep turned for regular blogs and up dates on www.australianmarlin.com, Both shots below are from the reef but two species.IMG_13882005 heavy tackle season 306.jpg cropped


Port Stephens fires late. Up comming Gold coast Heavy tackle tournament


12th April 2009 Easter.

Hello folks.

Hope all are enjoying Easter, Not much happening on the gold coast last week due to the bad weather, But Port Stephens is going off with a late bite on Striped marlin, The fish are big and healthy and good mate Scott from the little charter boat freedom has been getting amongst them with up to 6 1n a day. He also reports that the small trailer boats have been having a ball. I am keen to get back their, and although the Viking 11 is back working on the coast, I have the use of a similar vessel fot Port Stephens if anyone interested. Got some great deals available with accommodation, at recession rates. The Cairns Black Marlin season is also quickly approaching we have a good season booked but their is a couple of hot spots still available, and looking at the ocean currents for this season, it is going to be a cracker. Not much to do on Viking 11 this year after the big refit with the cummins last year, but a new teak deck will be laid and I am going to pick up the spray gun once more for a touch up.   

Port Stephens late bite

26th March 2009

Viking 11 is back on the Gold coast, and available for all charters, The black Marlin season here was the best for many years and also the boats looking for the Big blues were not dissapointed. Great Marlin PicOur season in Port Stephens was a little slow compared to the double didget days, of previous years but we did manage to keep our numbers up with some big blues up to 600lb, I still have the use of a 50ft custom for fishing the waters off Port stephens and of cause as soon as I pulled out of Port Stephens The Stripe marlin bite that Port Stephens is renowned for started. We can offer very competitive rated for fishing either the Gold Coast or Port Stephens so lets get together for some great fishing for either Black, Blue, and Striped marlin.

Bluewater workshop students Switchbait Blues

11th February 2009

Hello folks

Finished my second workshop for Port Stephens, and again the students got to experience switch baiting a nice Blue marlin of around 130kg, it all went to plan as we had spent part of the previous day teaching, and the students were blown away see a blue engulf a skipping slimey mackerel so close to the boat, The blue performed well on the 24kg line class than went deep so I was able to show them some boat driving to assist in the fight, Love these new cummins QSM11 for responce. Another great workshop with great people, Call kim if you would like to join the next group,

Capt Bill


Best Blue Marlin fishing for some time.

Hello folks  

3rd February 2008.

I know not enough updates, better lift my game. This year after our Cairns season Kim and myself decided to make the trip back to the Gold Coast with the full family on board. So after a wonderful Christmas at home off to Cairns we went, This would be a first for young Emmie- Rose and Kai. 1000 nautical miles on a boat Kim and I had our doubts, my elder daughter Holly joined us in Cairns, and we all enjoyed such a great family experience, and hoping to make it a regular family excursion.  

Back to fishing! Viking 11 is now at Port Stephens, We did our reposition trip from the Gold Coast with Clinton and his Dad, Clinton was aboard last year as well, and had such a great time that he dragged the old Man along for this years tip. Fishing was a little slow but, a Blue Marlin off Yamba of around 150kg gave us a great performance, and broke the Ice. A gorgeous night made the night time travelling a treat, But the Morning revealed that the current had spun around to the north, not the best snenero, for our target species Blue Marlin.

It was not untill Crowdy Head that things Started to Change around, and by the time we had reached Seal Rocks, it was smoking, and looking great. We never got a bite but I marked enough fish that I could not believe we did’nt. It was enough for the boys to decide to take another day, to spend were we marked the Blue Marlin the Day before.

It was a great call and Clinton and his Dad experienced some great blue Marlin fishing with 5 bites on blues up to 500 LBS, our hook up rate was not so wonderful though with only one of these tagged.

My first Port Stephens Workshop for the year was a great success, 9 fun students that worked in well together. I made the call to spend our day on the water switch baiting, and headed out to my marks.

I had the boys all tuned up and that it could happen any time so be ready, well we had barely got the the teasers set when their he was, I made the calls, but at first the Boys thought I was kidding, the tone in my voice soon changed that, and the boys experieced the excitement of switch baiting a 200kg blue, a great fight and the fish was along side for all to admire. The atmoshere on the boat was estatic. It was our fish for the day, but the workshop team were more than empressed.

We were out the next day with 3 American Clients, and at 1600 pm we had caught 2 beautiful blues 350 lb and one that was heading towards 600lbs both fights were extensive and put a big smile on Chris’s dial. It was a great day for quality fish out of Port Stephens.

I still have some great days available out ot the Port so I will be updating the site regularly to keep you updated.

By for Now

Capt Bill


Port stephens here we come.

Hello folks,

Viking 11 is back on the coast, after a great trip from Cairns with my whole family on board, we spent New years at Hamilton island, and Visited White Haven Beach, and reefs in the capricornia Group, We had to make a dash to Hervey Bay due to bad weather, But caught up with friends but caught up with friends there, it was a great trip for the kids and they loved it.

We are now getting ready for our Port Stephens season, We have some great time slots still available there, and we will be running our workshops also at the Port. These are a great hit and no one has ever gone away not stoked about what they have seen and learnt. Go to the website to get all the information. The reports already coming from the Port are talking of plenty of stripes and blues and now the Blacks are starting to roll in that went through the Gold Coast recently.  As always Port stephens is a great destination, hope to see you there.  

Some nice fish for some nice Guys.

Hello boys and

Well on the Viking 11 not much to report on the marlin front, with the wind still very strong and good friend and regular client Beau Kuok happy to do light tackle for spanish mackerel and get amongest the trout before the reef closure. From the rest of the fleet Capt Jared on the Sharka let go a solid 850lber in the middle ribbons,  and New boat Watchdog with Capt Crusty at the wheel let go a very healthy 700lber on Lindon Bank, The Current is still going to the north which is not what we really need  but It is about to change. The wind is being a pest, but as we know in this game we have to take the good with the bad. Their has being some patches of small fish up to 400lb, and if in the right spot at the right time catching 3 a day is possible.  Thats all folks.