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2012 Giant black marlin season on the Viking 11 is away

Hello Folks

After a Clamour trip from the Gold Coast to Cairns, on the 15th September we started our big fish season. Four new Clients joined us for  first trip, from Indonesia, We used Mothership Galaxy 1 again, and with great weather and great fishing, the first trip was a good Kick off to the season.

We ran a couple of light tackle rods out on our way to the Mothership on Day 1 and within moments were hooked to a small Black Marlin on the inshore grounds, which was pulled aboard for quick photo, than released. A nice spanish mackerel was also caught just on the way to the mothership while the clients had not even got into their fishing atire.

Our first day fishing for the bigger fish, we kicked off our tally with a 250 lber. and a couple of nice yellowfin.

Day 2 the current runing to the south kicked in and so did the Action 3 Shots a 400lb fish and a 600lb fish released, and another decent fish jumped off.

Day 3  Coral trout, a huge wahoo, A nice Bluefin, Battle with sharks, and another black around 250lb keep the clients busy all day.

Great food and service again on Galaxy 1, the clients thoughly enjoying there fist experience on the reef.