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3rd October 2009 The big guns are back out

Hello Again

Started are first day of a 7 day Charter with Robert and Denise and their 2 sons. Robert was on the reef way back in 1981 and decided to return now he is retired and bring good friend Denise and there 2 boys. We fished No 10 ribbon and Caught the boys there first ever black Marlin, a 300 lber and a 500lber I also marked plenty of other fish and will be back at the same spot today, congradulations to Jake and Bob.

30th September 2009 No 10 Ribbon

Hello Folks

Currently fishing regular client moto from Japan, Targeting the world record on 8kg, 631lb and the smaller fish he casts a popper to after the tease, and if its a grander he will have ago with the 130lb tackle. All fish are teased and switch baited. Yesterday we raised 3 and had 2 bites on the switchbaits, One we coud’nt get off the teaser and the other woud’nt come in. Another boats fishing No 10 released a nice fish of 800lb and The release went 2 for 2.