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34 In 25 days 2 @ 999lbs

Hello All

Our success is still continuing, Just finished 6 days with Graham Mitchel, Son of pioneer angler from the early years out of Cairns Basil Mitchel, Graham got 7 in his trip including a nice one that could have been well over the mark, He is enjoying getting back into his fishing again, after a long stint of being out of it. He has son wonderful Movies, stills, and of cause stories from the early years. The lizard island Tournament starts Tomorrow hope luck stays with us.shot for blog,.

27 fish in 19 days were catching

Hello All

Just finished our 19th Day in our season, and a day off in Cooktown for service etc. We have managed 27 fish in 19 days fishing up to 999lb, all clients have been so happy, the weather wind wise has not been great but it has certainly keep the fish on the chew, we are off tomorrow for another 6 days before the tournament so stay turned on our results.IMG_0946 Daves Fish

Pakula SPROCKET again gets eaten by Large fish.

20th September.

Fishing a little slower than our first. But we have had a hook up on another nice fish while travelling to another spot, Our Favourite big fish candy a Pakula Lumo sprocket did the job, But after a couple of outstanding first jumps the hooks fell out. Weather is beautiful now Hoping for some good shots today if we get lucky.