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Viking 11 No 2 for season.

Hello Folks

Day 4 of Joel Pallaster and team started as usual, the boys climbing out of their bunks looking very ordinary after the preceedings the night before. They have been still celebrating stuart wright grander.

A lunch and swim behind the reef, got everyone back in shape. Baits in we headed down the ribbons, the water turned nice at the top of No 5 and it was already busy with other boats working. A look around myself reveiled some good marking, I stuck it in to see if I could get a bite amounst the pack, and not to long before a fish took the stinger bait. The size was not clear, but it was showing all the sighs of being the extreamly large mark that got my attention on the Furuno.

Shane the angler fist time marlin fishing in the chair, was getting pulled, but the fish was lazy and than not far from the boat she came up and did a couple of large lunges towards the boat, Randy Baker grabed the leader, and this very large fish laid their for all to see, the screeming and yelling again was crazy, I called the fish 1100lb, and the atmoshere was electric.

2 more bites for the day, got the boys a 500lber and 350lber another amazing day on the GBR.

Capt Billy Billson.

Regular client Paul Kelly catches 8 Blacks for 3 day trip

Well he has always been lucky and this year was no exception.  Paul Kelly has fished with me now for 24years, and was the original owner of my first boat Viking,  and is one of my closest friends. Just completing a three day trip paul managed to release 8 black marlin, not bad for a guy who religiously will not start Marlin fishing till after a swim, fresh fish lunch and a bottle of wine, Paul normally will take a week but he is a little at edge with the market at present. Good on you PK always great fun with you aboard.