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Another lizard tournament and another Grander. 21st October 2013

Hello folks

Just to wet your appetite hear is a few great shots of the last fish of the tournament I called it 850lb the Iona 11 boys were along side and my mate mustard got some shots thank Mustard.


Another Lizard Is Black Marlin Classic has been run and won. Congratulations to Capt Ross and the boys on Topshot. As for Viking 11 we had a wonderful tournament with the big fish again. Day 4 Heart break corner worked for me and a larger than large fish engulfed the bait, than her male companion also decided to have a feed, a double header one angler in the Chair and one  the stand up harness. Jim wild who was in the stand up gear with a 130lb chair rod lost he’s footing and the Rod hit the covering board so had to be disqualified, No point in wasting time so I told the boys to cut him off, so we could go after the big Girl. We tagged our 4th fish over 1000lb for the season and Rick Pollock’s first grander, so far we have had 4 charter groups and a member of each of these charter groups  has caught a grander. Ricks day was not finished and 2 hours later he was into another nice fish we called 850lb it was also tagged and released and gave as the daily award most fish tagged Day 4. We were back in the hunt.

Than our luck turned still finding the fish and getting the bites, everything that could go wrong did,  a big backlash from a crazy bite certainly had the frustration building, than I was amazed when I watched a another nice fish eat a tiny scad and somehow the circle hook missed its mark.

Our luck turned with only half an hour left to fish in the tournament. Another good fish great action on a big day as the shots contest, Jim wild got the 850lber in the pictures good to end on a high note gave us 5 for the tournament, but happy to be in the top 10%, we had a wonderful tournament and the big presentation night at lizard Is was one to remember, Thankyou to my great crew Westy and Carl and anglers Jim Wild and Rick Pollock. Out again this morning 25 knot trade wind should be fun.

Capt Billy Billson




Port Stephens Love this place.

Hello Beautiful People been fishing out of Port Stephens for a month, and having a ball, Great fishing to say the least, The Black and striped marlin have been in good numbers and some quality fish amongst them, also the odd nice blues are being encountered.

The common 15kg tackle being used makes for allot of entertainment and these fish are real quality on this tackle.

We have finished one tournament and ended on the podium, and half way through the interclub tournament The Largest tournament in the southern Hemisphere and in the hunt.

If you have not fished Port Stephens you owe it to yourselve to give it a go, I love the place and the fishing is right up there. 

Capt Billy   

Catching up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all my fishing friends.


After a very sucessfull heavy tackle marlin season, including winning the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic for the 5th time catching 14 marlin over 800lb and 4 over 1000lb. I am back at work after a nice break seeing my children.


I will be going to Port Stephens in a week, and will be chartering out of this great Port for 3 months, this is a great fishery with Black, Blue, and Striped Marlin abundant at times, and double figure days not uncommon.  I have some great packages availabl,e Jump on my Website under destination and have a look. If you havn’t fished Port Stephens it is a magical place, when it fires can be the best medium fish destinations in Australia.


My  regular Cairns Clients and clients wishing to experience fishing on Viking 11 are starting to take spots in the Giant Marlin Season, Unfortunately My regular Client for the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic, last years Champion Team,  has to miss this year, so the tournament is available. As well as some good time in peak season if you get in quick.


My new partner and I have decided to throw some more money at our Beautiful boat, Tow cam, high definition fix mount cameras,  and hard drives to record all action, will now be available. A face lift in the cabins and saloon, a new entertainment system, larger led digital TV, will greet the clients this year.


Also my ever popular workshops are available again out of Port Stephens, These are excellent for the novice as well as some great tips for seasoned campaigners. With over 230 Highly satisfied Students, They have set precedence In the training of all aspects of Sport fishing.  


So get aboard and experience, what 25 years as captain of Viking and Viking 11 has to offer. With tournament results and captures, second to no one in the industry.          


Capt Billy Billson.                    

My Client has taken over. 26/11/2010

For all of Billy’s fans out there who are getting a bit tired of checking the blog and finding it NOT updated (like me!!) this is for you!

Bill finished an 8 day charter with Phil, Matt, Tony and Mick and the boys all caught fish for a total of 6 for the trip.  Phil had one hit the mark and after much debate, Tony’s Blue was approx 550-600.  I know the guys had a great time with many memories made.

We started a 7 day charter and the weather gods haven’t been too kind.  Day 1, no cigar (a nice 22kg yellowfin doesn’t count!!) but day 2 provided some joy with Steve catching  a 550-600 Black with two other bites not sticking.

More updates tomorrow – I promise!

21st September 2010 I am still standing.

Hello Folks

Little bit of wind last night up to 45 knot, kept me and and my crew on rotation for anchor watch, we have managed to keep in frount in the Lizard Tournament, after a 2 fish day yesterday, and winning another daily.

2 days to go and with some very good Captains in contention it will be a typical Case of its never over till the fat lady sings, My crew are doing a excellent job in harsh Conditions, new green Horn Hoggy is the best I have had for a long time,  and long time friend and crewmen Wazza is one of the longest serving still in the industry is as always amazing, in more ways than one.

Capt Bill



12th October Been slow but improving.

Hello Folks.

Been out of action for a while with comunication issues, But the fishing has been slow, the current has been slow to the north or non existent, and no run no fun has certainly been what has been happening, But the last couple of days thinks are picking up with a couple of bites a day and catching 2 One medium fish and one small, will be more onto the blog in the Future with comunicaion issues resolved.

Capt Bill

Catching up.

22nd September 2010

Hello Folks.

Tim Lonesdale finised his 5 days with us yesterday, He caught 4 for his trip  2 big girls a 500lber and a small one, He also Had bites out of 2 other Big fish but they jumped us off. The 500lber was a beauty came in all lite up like a christmas tree, and when it finally ate and got hooked, it was off like a young boy on steroids, Not a huge fish but gave us all a lot of fun, Got some shots this time and will post them soon.

Paul kelly the original owner of my first Boat Viking is on board now, Paul, Doug and Rodney are my longest serving Clients, 23 seasons Now, They love there reef fishing so I went to one of my red spots for a drop before we got into the Marlin Programe, It was a hot bite and the boys had a ball with Red emperor, Large mouth Nannegai, Mangrove Jack, Coral trout. There fish box is full to take home, and dinner was a delight.

No luck with the marlin though, in the last few hours.

Capt Billy Billson


Hot water early and the big ones are here.

17th September 2010

Tim lonsdale first of 5 days was a cracker, Tim fished last year and you may remember that group Caught 2 over the 4 figures in a day, Tim came back as a loner this year, and again has already experienced what Cairns is famous for. I spoted the bite of a nice fish on the left bait, and it was so good to see, the circle hook caught the corner of the jaw, and after a great fight the nugget of the fish was released every one aboard was stoked as it was our first big fish for the season and on our 3 day of fishing.

Tim fished Both Azores and Madiera before comming hear and went 8 days without a bite, well as the day progressed we caught a small fish and towards the end the right rigger with the swimming scad came out of the clip like a arrow from a bow, another big fish started ripping up the ocean, and after 45 minutes I was looking at a fish alongside that had the length to be 4 figures I believe it was a bit lean from what I saw of the Jumpes so 950lb would be a safe call.

What a day the water is much hotter than normal for this time of year, and the water is purple and plenty of bait marking on my spots I love for the big ones keep tuned.

Capt Billy Billson


What a bite. A grander good not have done better.

Hello Boys and Girls

Enjoying the soapy.

I will be taking a closer look at this as a whole. But to answer the question on my professionalism I have the owner of the Shangri La hotel group on board Mr Beau Kuok who has been with me for 8 years doing up to 2 large trips a year .

What impressed me the first time I fished with Bill was His attention to detail and his pursuit of excellence in everything he does. I have fished in many places in the world and on many charter boats and i have yet to find a better Captain than Bill. Over the years many of my friends have joined me on the Viking11 for very enjoyabletrips catching big Black Marlin and great bottom fishing,but what they all comment on is Bill’s focus on all aspects of his Boat,whether it be theCrew, all aspects of safety, engines,fishingequipment, quality of meals, or just having a swim. We have always had the most enjoyabletime especially as we all know that we are in the safe hands Of Bill , who will also find us nice Fish. I keep coming back because I know I am fishing with the Best. Next year’s trips have already been booked………….Beau Kuok.

1st October 2009 Popper Madness

Hello Boys and Girls

LURStill fishing Japan Client Moto, Chasing world record on 8kg. We have not raised a fish around 700lb to have a crack at the title yet, But having alot of fun teasing smaller fish and trying to get them to eat the popper or stick bait. we are averaging 2 shots a day on the teasers and have been up the top of No 10 ribbon looking for the right fish. Today is our last chance for a crack at the record.

Reports from other boats show that the big Girls are starting to role in. ALURE, kEKEOA, TOPSHOT, and RELEASE have all caught fish over 800lb and the big girl bites are starting to increase, our turn today.  


Gold Coast Heavy Tackle Tournament

20th April 2009
Results for the heavy Tackle tournament run from the Gold Coast.
Day 1.  Weather wise it was a cracker but unfortunately the fish were holding deep and very few rose to the offerings, only a few boats managed to get bites,  Yvone was first on the board with a striped marlin, than Mistress skipped on the day by Well known Gold Coast Captain Ross McCubbin put a 200kg Blue on the deck, and only one other fish listed, another Blue Marlin.
Day 2.  With the weather picking up saw many of the smaller boats call it a day. But the ever consistent Graham McCloy caught wife Carmen a potential Qld record Blue Marlin, and only one other blue caught.Final
Results – first boat on the scoreboard took out the honours For tag and release – Yvonne  with one striped marlin.
And largest fish weighed was Mistress 200kg Blue Marlin.

A bit of News from New Zealand. A big blue Marlin has been weighed at Hohoura, North Island,  on Thursday?

It is the biggest marlin ever weighed out of NZ waters at 483.4kg = 1063lbs. (The previous biggest being a black at 473kg = 1040lb.) Apparently the beast was caught on Harlequin with John Douglas by first time marlin angler Ross Jameson.  Well Done.

Port Stephens late bite

26th March 2009

Viking 11 is back on the Gold coast, and available for all charters, The black Marlin season here was the best for many years and also the boats looking for the Big blues were not dissapointed. Great Marlin PicOur season in Port Stephens was a little slow compared to the double didget days, of previous years but we did manage to keep our numbers up with some big blues up to 600lb, I still have the use of a 50ft custom for fishing the waters off Port stephens and of cause as soon as I pulled out of Port Stephens The Stripe marlin bite that Port Stephens is renowned for started. We can offer very competitive rated for fishing either the Gold Coast or Port Stephens so lets get together for some great fishing for either Black, Blue, and Striped marlin.

Season wrap up.

Firstly folks sorry for the lack of updates, the laptop finally stopped all together, so lets catch up. Overall it was a great season with some mighty fish with many boats getting amongst the giants, Viking 11 ended up with 3 definitely well over 1000lb one of which could have been over 1200lb. My log also shows that I called two 950lb, and 5 over 800lb, we also let many of my clients get amongst some great reef fishing with red emperor, and coral trout, in the evenings and early mornings, and the large spaniards were in abundance.

We ventured far and wide, when the fishing on the edge became slow, we were out with the tuna long liners getting amongst big yellowfin, big eye, and Black and Blue marlin and there was some monsters of both species there. One boat did battle for 7 hours, only to have the line break.  Clients that have been with me since viking 11 was launched, got to experience the boat with the new QSM11 Cummins engines in it. What a machine it is now, so responsive, so clean running, even well seasoned crewmen were amazed how the boat can stay with a fish on the leader, I am always proud to hear the statement that its the best marlin Boat in this country.

Although we did not come close to 110 fish as per one of my big number seasons, we were well on our way to 60 fish when I greated Kim my wife and my 3 beautiful children, Holly, Emmi-Rose, and Kai, at the dock in Cairns at the end of the season. Marlin fishings great but nothing beats the feeling of seeing your family after a long season, and the pleasure they give you.   I will put up a few shots of the high lights, To all my clients a big thank you for your support, and the great times we had together, to my crew Jay and Andy, You guys are the best Thanks for the hard work and your abilities. I wish all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. 





Gday folks.
Another good day on the bank for Big Fish. We let go a solid 850lber and also hooked up on a fish that angler Terry and crew wanted to put in the Boat. Than a Bazzare thing happened we were about to grab the Leader when one of the following Male fish got the line caught in its mouth and started jumping next to the boat and got caught up in the whole program breaking our attachment to a donkey of a fish. The small fish was released  while caught up in the line and leader. And the Big girl owed it’s male partner a big thankyou. In my 25 years up hear I have never seen anything like  it .   

A mixed bag of Quality from the GBR.

Hello Again folks.

Well the wind has finally given us a little break and my clients gave me the go ahead to venture outside the reef after lunch for a crack at a Marlin. The morning had already been sucessfull with some quality Red Emperor and large spanish Mackerel, the day before the reef fin closure. Well what a great mixed bag for the day. Pictures tell a thousand words. As well as show a thousnd pounder on the leader. 





First week of refit

Hello folks

Viking 11 got lifted out of the water on Monday 26th of may 1300 for the start of new engine installation and refit. We have had a good week and achieved allot, Both old MTU are out of boat and so is generator, we have degreasedand washed engine room and started detailing, old MTU wiring has been removed, and engine room will soon be painted with Awlgrip 2000 ready for new engine mountings, rudders and shafts have been removed, and all bearings will be replaced. We have sanded transom and starboard side of vessel   ready for repaint. I have regular crew Peter Mcgray helping me, as well as Brett Alty from Mistress    

2008 Major Refit of Viking 11

Well I have a bit of news, and to be honest after 25 years af being a sport and game fishing boat Captain I was thinking about a change, But I can’t do it, I love it to much. I have recently come out of Hospital, sorting out some health issues, and very happy to say all is good, and  that I am feeling very motivated. I have decided to repower the mighty Viking 11 with new engines and give her a big birthday. Told you I was feeling Motivated, and set my goals for another 10 years at least in the industry. The re-power will not only give the Viking 11 a new lease on life, but myself included.

I have decided on Cummings QSM11 Engines at 600hp which should give her a 25kt cruise, and a much better fuel burn with the common rail engineering. It is all starting after the Sanctuary Cove Boat show.

I am going to document  the whole programe on my Blog so keep in tune Their will be plenty to lean for those thinking about a re-power. I will also be letting you all know why have decided on certain products.