Our Fouth Grander for the season.

Hello Folks

Yesterday was a special day. Beau Quok owner of the Shangri la Group of hotels Caught a special fish on a lure after a special fight. The fish eat a lumo Spocket, which was the same lure I have caught Many giants on. The biggest weighed being 1134 lb, This fish I feel was larger.

I did not see the bite, and the fish was wound to the boat as if a 15kg Wahoo, I good see the lure and a little bit of colour and called it a wahoo as the angle of light was playing tricks on me.

The so called wahoo took off, ripping line off the reel with 20kg of drag, and I started backing out to see chasing this 15kg Wahoo. 15 Minutes later a very large fat Marlin started jumping all over the ocean, Many times reassembling a blue marlins performance, It was a outstanding fight that left us all breathless, It was a serious battle and Beau did an outstanding job, the leader was taken after a solid hour of the most amazing big fish fight I have ever witnessed.

On the other matter, I do not make such comments without justification, and the grand poo Bah of the NSW Charter boat licencing Mr James found no record of the mentioned boats, Having a Charter boat licence to operate in NSW IN 2009.

As he pointed out to me all boats with a CFB No must display the number very visibly on the vessel, Or this vessel is deemed not to be a licenced NSW charter boat. Just as any commercial vessel. This No is to let the public and other operators know that the boat, is legal to operate in NSW. 

As for the legal action that I have been threatened with, bring it on!! 

I will not enter into the personal mud slinging that was seen on the other site, No one is perfect and yes I have regrets. The most important thing to me is not what certain boat operators think of me in this industry, But how my clients think of me, Mr Beau Kuok for example, and the other regulars who fill my boat up hear year after year, and have been doing so for 23 years now.  And I am only out hear supporting a family, and  at 52 that is the most important thing to me. I will not be drawn in to mention any of the Past history of one of the Capt’s of the boats in question, to compete with the mud slinging on me, But remember people who live in class houses should not throw stones.