First trip 17th September 2011

Hello Folks
We have started our season, with 4 Clients from the Gold Coast, the plan was to leave from Cairns and fish our way north and finish in Cooktown, Our first day resulted in raising 2 Marlin, one around 600lb and another small fish, Both fish did not really want to eat.
Day 2 the Boys were keen to get amonst the action behind the reef, with some sportfishing and reef fishing. we had a great Half day, with some quality spanish Mackerel, and putr the boys on one of my Red emperor spots, and did they have a ball pulling on these top of the line reef fish. We bagged out and left them bitting, Than it was off to behind the reef for a fish feast, and swim.

We did not get into the Marlin fishing programe untill 3.00 pm and just trolled down sea to our anchorage at No 3 Ribbon, but we couud’nt put the iceing on the cake of a great day by catching a marlin.

25th Giant Black Marlin season on viking and viking 11

Hello Folks

Yes I Still have a pulse, In fact better than ever, been in the refit Gym for some time down to a new low in weight from my high score of 128 Kg now at 109 kg  and feeling great. The Viking 11 has also been getting a big tune up, and she is now the most amazing boat. My Good friend and Partner Beau Kuok, told me he wanted a special boat, and I believe we have achieved that after 4 months of fine tuning.

I am currently at Old Reef 50 miles SE of Townsville, we have had a nice day with the Spanish mackerel and the Boys who do the trip north from Hamilton Island with me every year, are now out the back catching a few trout.

The 2011 Giant Black Marlin season is about to begin it is my 25 year as Captain of Viking and Viking 11 and 30 years of being part of this amazing fishery.

Wazza is with me again, to help celebrate my  25th year, and my old boss when I was on the tools, Neil Francis, has let me grab his son for a season, Jake and I go back to when he was a pup and the Francis boys would Charter me in Port Stephens. Jake and his Dad on Dealne Took out the Champion boat Capture in the Port Stephens Interclub this year, and he is a very talented young man, and I am very Happy to have him aboard.

I will endeavour to keep my Blogs up to speed this season so stay tuned, I have some of my great regular clients with us again, and with the Current climate happy to have a very busy season.

Thank you to all my dear friends, and fishing buddies for their continuous support.  I can guarantee I will be giving all of my 25 years of experience and  dedication to give you a trip, you will remember. Stay tuned.

Double figures and Grand slam at Port Stephens!!!


26th March 2011

 Hello Fishing Buddies

Now is the time to get to Port Stephens, we have had two amazing days, Catching double figures in a day all on 15kg tackle, as well as a grand slam, the Striped marlin have arrived in big numbers and the black marlin are mixed up with them also in good numbers, and if luck is on your side a grand slam is possilbe like what happened yesterday.

Late March and April have offen produced this sort of fishing, and now that the tournament season is finished the fish are up on the surface, and more enjoyable technics other than sinking live baits can be utillised, I have some excellent Time slots available as well as weekends so give us a call, and enjoy some of the best Marlin fishing possible. Capt Billy Billson 0427 183 159   




Champion 13 year old angler

Hello to all

I have been lucky this season at Port Stephens, and have the same guests fishing the major tournaments, Glen and Gail Craven and their 13 year old son Conner who does all the angling, are a pleasure to have aboard, Conner has picked up all the skills very quickly, and from free spooling when we get the bite to his angling prowess he is a treat  to watch.

He was top angler in the Port stephens shootout and gave us a 3rd position on the podium, he was also Champion angler in the interclub tournament as well as champion junior, and were right in the hunt for Champion Boat, untill I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time, our short billed spearfish for the day was totally in sufficient, and for some crazy reason are not recognized as full billfish points.

The general fishing at Port stephens has been excellent, I stll have some great availability, this Black, Blue, and striped marlin Fishery is second to non for medium fish. So give me a call.

Capt Billy Billson  0427183159 

Port Stephens Love this place.

Hello Beautiful People been fishing out of Port Stephens for a month, and having a ball, Great fishing to say the least, The Black and striped marlin have been in good numbers and some quality fish amongst them, also the odd nice blues are being encountered.

The common 15kg tackle being used makes for allot of entertainment and these fish are real quality on this tackle.

We have finished one tournament and ended on the podium, and half way through the interclub tournament The Largest tournament in the southern Hemisphere and in the hunt.

If you have not fished Port Stephens you owe it to yourselve to give it a go, I love the place and the fishing is right up there. 

Capt Billy   

Catching up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all my fishing friends.


After a very sucessfull heavy tackle marlin season, including winning the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic for the 5th time catching 14 marlin over 800lb and 4 over 1000lb. I am back at work after a nice break seeing my children.


I will be going to Port Stephens in a week, and will be chartering out of this great Port for 3 months, this is a great fishery with Black, Blue, and Striped Marlin abundant at times, and double figure days not uncommon.  I have some great packages availabl,e Jump on my Website under destination and have a look. If you havn’t fished Port Stephens it is a magical place, when it fires can be the best medium fish destinations in Australia.


My  regular Cairns Clients and clients wishing to experience fishing on Viking 11 are starting to take spots in the Giant Marlin Season, Unfortunately My regular Client for the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic, last years Champion Team,  has to miss this year, so the tournament is available. As well as some good time in peak season if you get in quick.


My new partner and I have decided to throw some more money at our Beautiful boat, Tow cam, high definition fix mount cameras,  and hard drives to record all action, will now be available. A face lift in the cabins and saloon, a new entertainment system, larger led digital TV, will greet the clients this year.


Also my ever popular workshops are available again out of Port Stephens, These are excellent for the novice as well as some great tips for seasoned campaigners. With over 230 Highly satisfied Students, They have set precedence In the training of all aspects of Sport fishing.  


So get aboard and experience, what 25 years as captain of Viking and Viking 11 has to offer. With tournament results and captures, second to no one in the industry.          


Capt Billy Billson.                    

Iron chef on the reef 28th November 2010

Very sorry for no blog update yesterday but we have not seen a fish for two days, just lot’s of bycatch.  Needless to say, the disco on the Viking was THE place to be with moi as the DJ spinning all the party favs.

Iron Chef Billy has been producing some amazing meals in the Viking Stadium, last night was a seafood feast starting with red emperor in tempura batter, closely followed by coral trout in a white wine and mango sauce, then, with all patrons satisfied, the job fish went out the window!

Previously, Billy’s Bistro has seen us eating rack of lamb, rib eye steaks and chicken pasta while the Deckies Deli has been producing some delightful lunches with BLT’s and roast beef and camberbert wraps to name a couple.

The bar has been keeping the drinks icy with liquor serving laws being abandoned – last drinks are when the Client says so or when she’s gone over the side – guess what’s first!!!

After a noice cooked breaky we’ll be heading out again to try and find the big girls, or any Mmmmm would be good – but please, no more Mahi Mahi.

Hopefully next report will be reporting fish – till then.

My Client has taken over. 26/11/2010

For all of Billy’s fans out there who are getting a bit tired of checking the blog and finding it NOT updated (like me!!) this is for you!

Bill finished an 8 day charter with Phil, Matt, Tony and Mick and the boys all caught fish for a total of 6 for the trip.  Phil had one hit the mark and after much debate, Tony’s Blue was approx 550-600.  I know the guys had a great time with many memories made.

We started a 7 day charter and the weather gods haven’t been too kind.  Day 1, no cigar (a nice 22kg yellowfin doesn’t count!!) but day 2 provided some joy with Steve catching  a 550-600 Black with two other bites not sticking.

More updates tomorrow – I promise!

Great big fish season, Yesterday our 5th over the Mark.

18th November 2010

Hello Folks

I mentioned earlier I was going to do a count on the Nice fish we have caught this season, What I am looking at is the fish over 800lb, and after the real nice one we caught yesterday, It reminded me to get onto it.

To Date we have caught 14 black Marlin between 800lb and conservative 1000lb and over, I would say that 4 of those I wrote in my Log as being 1000lb plus for my own records.

Yesterday First time Angler Phillip Perry from KARRATHA, Western Australia, caught a beauty on his second day with us, the fish did some great jumps towards us on the strike, and settled down and headed for the deep, some serious heavy drag in the early stages slowed Her down and we got the leader with in half an hour, I got a great look at the Giant fish in the pristine clear water, and the length and girth across its back, made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, a real nive

12th November 2010 Another great day.

Hello Folks

Scott Watson from Brisbane started his trip with a bang yester day, We had been following the reports that the bank was firing, while we were in the ribbons, so we moved quickly when we did our change over to get there. The move paid off, at 3.00 pm it started to happen first with a great fish we let go, after some spectacular jumps on the leader calling it over 1000lb, the action kept comming for us with a 400lber, and to finish of another nice one of around 800lb. Another great day.


5th November 2010 Big fish Charter for Beau my Partner.

Hello folks

Yes everyone complaining my Blog is not up to date, little to much to take care of sometimes, and rather be catching than writing about it, so lets see if I can get a bit up to speed.

My Partner Beau had another 7 days which finished on the 5th we caught 9 fish from 15 bites, His first day we got the big one that as mentioned earlier gave us One hell of a fight we let it go at a conservitive 900lb, we caught fish up to 700lb on other days and had 2 three fish days.

On the second last day Beau’s generosity was shown again, when he asked the chief out for the day, and kept him on strike for most of it. Steve caught 2 one around 700lb and Beau got the last one for the day as Steve was a little worn out. What a wonderful jester from a beautiful man.

We had to finish at 2pm on the last Day and right on 2pm Beau was rewarded for his generosity, the previous day when a beautiful fish crashed the skipping Mack Tuna. The bite was impressive to say the least, and so was the fight, The fish was let go after some great jumps on the leader in 15 minutes, what a way to finish a great trip. The fish was over 1000lb and I have never seen Beau so happy, Great things happen to great people. 


30th October 2010 My son's Birthday and Big fish

Hello Folks.

Last trip we had the rubber hook issue, Getting bites every day but on managing to stay attached to a few, But another nice one of around 800lb for good friend Aaron, being his first big marlin put a smile on his Dial.

My Partner Beau Quok is again aboard for 7 days and our first day, we got a beauty right up there in size but one of the hardest fish I have ever caught, The drag went to serious when I spotted the sharks on the sounder, and after some great grey hounding Jumps it wwent deep, and showed she was no pussy.

We had the drag pushing 88lbs around 40kg and she would not respond to the normal programe trying to get her, after a back breaking Battle we got her on the leader and Wazza gave all to lift her.

She was a beautiful fish and once released gave another jump which I could not believe.

Well another nice one for our tally for the season, we have done very well on the nice ones, I will count them up and let you know.

Capt Billy Billson


24th September 2010 Just won my 5th Lizard tournament.

Hello Folks.

Well after a tough 7 days of tournament fishing experience has shined, and we came through as the winners in the 24th Lizard Island black Marlin Classic. This is my 5th win in this prestigious tournament, and would like to thank My Great  Anglers, Jim and Rick and my Crew Wazza and hoggy. 7 fish in the 7 days 2 over 900lb and a double header, That got the better of us. Thank you to the great support my friends have given me.

Capt Billy Billson 

21st September 2010 I am still standing.

Hello Folks

Little bit of wind last night up to 45 knot, kept me and and my crew on rotation for anchor watch, we have managed to keep in frount in the Lizard Tournament, after a 2 fish day yesterday, and winning another daily.

2 days to go and with some very good Captains in contention it will be a typical Case of its never over till the fat lady sings, My crew are doing a excellent job in harsh Conditions, new green Horn Hoggy is the best I have had for a long time,  and long time friend and crewmen Wazza is one of the longest serving still in the industry is as always amazing, in more ways than one.

Capt Bill



19th October 2010 Gout and Marlin fishing.

Hello Boys and Girls.

Those who know me can contest that I love a red wine and rich food and Shellfish, Perfect combination for servere Gout, especially when you do not take the pro gout medication. Well just at the start of the Lizard Island tournament I got the Worst case of Gout I have ever had on my left knee. The tower got abandand and my days have been spent sitting on the helm seat on the bridge leg raised.

The boat driving on fish has been a testing time, and the double header we hooked yesterday was bound to happen under the circumstances,

We have now caught 5 in the tournament 2 900lbers and lost the Double header, we are leading but only by one fish, with 4 days to go, The great news is my gout is improving.


17th September 2010 First Day of the Lizard Tournament.

Hello Boys and Girls.

Luck was a little on my side, for the first day of the Lizard Tournament, My regular Jim Wid, from canada, opened our account with a great 900lber. and with a total of 5 bites for the day, and 3 tags put gave us the daily award, Rick Pawlek jim”s fishing buddy managed  400lber and Jim another very small fish. We jumped off another large one so all in all a great day. 

13th October 2010 A game of changing furtunes

Hello Beautiful people.

Well I must admit we have not been spending a huge amount of time Marlin fishing of late, a full bottom fishing programe before lunch Catching trout and red Emperor, of cause the clients wishes, has been eating a bit of the day light hours. the news was out that the big girls were about, so I was keen to get in on the action, At 5.45 pm after a day of only one bite out of a small fish, and feeling a little despondent, I was slightly energised by the two fish marks that appeared on my Sounder screen, Moments later the centre rigger got crashed by a very large fish, 18.45 pm the yells and screems from below lifted my spirits  as the big fish jumped on the leader for the last time, and was released in perfect condition.  How big Billy came the call, 950lb I said, but these days we just say a real nice one, and that she was.     

12th October Been slow but improving.

Hello Folks.

Been out of action for a while with comunication issues, But the fishing has been slow, the current has been slow to the north or non existent, and no run no fun has certainly been what has been happening, But the last couple of days thinks are picking up with a couple of bites a day and catching 2 One medium fish and one small, will be more onto the blog in the Future with comunicaion issues resolved.

Capt Bill

29th September.

Hello Folks

After a morning of Reef fishing and snorkeling, Getting some nice reds, the boys were looking at a later start to experience the reef ( and get over a little drink they had the night before ) we did not get our lines in until 14.00 no bites at all this day, in our afternoon session so will be looking for greener pastures tomorrow.

Capt Billy

28TH September

We moved around a bit yesterday Chasing trout, and moving to new ground Only the one bite for a 200lber but nearby the Iceman and Tradition did manage to catch a couple of Big Girls so some good action was reported,

Capt Bill

Virgins Chase Blacks off Cooktown. 26th September 2010

Hello Boys and Girls.

Paul Kelly and team Loaded up the eskeys with Red emperor and mixing up there trip with the full Programe still managed 3 Marlin in their 4 days.

Joel Pallister bought along a couple of Marlin Virgins for his 5 days with us, and after the first 3 Hours of fishing Their Virginity was a thing of the past, The day ended with 4 bites jumped off two and caught 2.

Only small fish, but a big fish bite is due.

Capt Billy Billson

A game of mixed fortunes.

24th September 2010

After 2 slow days for me on the Marlin scene, and my friends giving it to me when I climbed out of the tower ( Took us to the wrong spot again Billy ) I finally went to the wright spot and got a 450lber and a lively 200lber to break the ice, we are back bottom fishing tomorow, Than the boys want fresh fish and chips and swim behind  the reef and marlin fishing after lunch, Sounds like a plan.


Catching up.

22nd September 2010

Hello Folks.

Tim Lonesdale finised his 5 days with us yesterday, He caught 4 for his trip  2 big girls a 500lber and a small one, He also Had bites out of 2 other Big fish but they jumped us off. The 500lber was a beauty came in all lite up like a christmas tree, and when it finally ate and got hooked, it was off like a young boy on steroids, Not a huge fish but gave us all a lot of fun, Got some shots this time and will post them soon.

Paul kelly the original owner of my first Boat Viking is on board now, Paul, Doug and Rodney are my longest serving Clients, 23 seasons Now, They love there reef fishing so I went to one of my red spots for a drop before we got into the Marlin Programe, It was a hot bite and the boys had a ball with Red emperor, Large mouth Nannegai, Mangrove Jack, Coral trout. There fish box is full to take home, and dinner was a delight.

No luck with the marlin though, in the last few hours.

Capt Billy Billson


Another big fish but no Cigar

2ist September 2010.

Hello folks yesterday was a little slow untill around 2.30pm the Skipping Tuna got engulfed by a real nice fish, the bite was spectacular, The big fish after eating the tuna honed in on the swimming scad, and vertually chased it to the back of the boat all the time with a 6kg tuna already eaten. We finally came tight but after a short time the big fish put its head out and dislodged the tuna hook and all, Bugger!!!.

Pakula SPROCKET again gets eaten by Large fish.

20th September.

Fishing a little slower than our first. But we have had a hook up on another nice fish while travelling to another spot, Our Favourite big fish candy a Pakula Lumo sprocket did the job, But after a couple of outstanding first jumps the hooks fell out. Weather is beautiful now Hoping for some good shots today if we get lucky.

Hot water early and the big ones are here.

17th September 2010

Tim lonsdale first of 5 days was a cracker, Tim fished last year and you may remember that group Caught 2 over the 4 figures in a day, Tim came back as a loner this year, and again has already experienced what Cairns is famous for. I spoted the bite of a nice fish on the left bait, and it was so good to see, the circle hook caught the corner of the jaw, and after a great fight the nugget of the fish was released every one aboard was stoked as it was our first big fish for the season and on our 3 day of fishing.

Tim fished Both Azores and Madiera before comming hear and went 8 days without a bite, well as the day progressed we caught a small fish and towards the end the right rigger with the swimming scad came out of the clip like a arrow from a bow, another big fish started ripping up the ocean, and after 45 minutes I was looking at a fish alongside that had the length to be 4 figures I believe it was a bit lean from what I saw of the Jumpes so 950lb would be a safe call.

What a day the water is much hotter than normal for this time of year, and the water is purple and plenty of bait marking on my spots I love for the big ones keep tuned.

Capt Billy Billson


First two Days 6 bites

14th September 2010

Finished our first 2 days of the season With clients Diane and Brian lovely people. Plenty of small fish around to 300lb had 6 bites jumped a few off on the Heavy Tackle and caught 2, It was there first experience and they have already booked again 3 days next year, Dogtooth tuna, and  Spanish mackerel, while bait fishing also gave Di and Brian great entertainment. The water is looking brilliant current 1.5 knots to the south and plenty of yellowfin marking on the points, Great signs already.

We start again full on 17th September will go to No 10 and settle in for a look Client Tim Londsdale from the UK had a blinder up there last season.

Capt Billy Billson 

Good signs on first day of season.

13th September

Hello Again

No 5 Ribbon was my destination and after catching fresh Baits Scaleys, Scad, and rainbow runner, we were into it. Only 15 knots of South east put it was standingt up. After my first up sea run I called it 1.5 Knots to the south, purple water and plenty of Yellowfin marking on the points. It was not long before a small fish tried to eat my big bait, but took on more than it could handle, Than another fish ate the scad only small 150lb but it was our first fish for the season.

Two other bites and one that jumped off near the boat ended a good first day.

Capt Billy Billson 


Starting 2010 Season

Hello Folks.

Just about to start my Heavy Tackle season. Had a enjoyable trip up from the Gold Coast, Pickingup some Clients at Hamilton island and fishing our way to Cairns, Sport fishing and Bottom fishing. Great trip Plenty of fish for the boys, I have just arrived in Cooktown and will be Starting my first trip from here. Wazza and new boy Simon Hogg (Hoggy) have done a great job on the preparation. keep tuned for our reports.