Port Stephens is going off.

Hello folks

I arrived in Port Stephens a week ago and started fishing, and have done my first workshop and a charter day, The fishing has been nothing short of amazing, we have caught 14 marlin black and striped, and the students on my workshop experienced a phenominal day.

Sunday the 5th of February, was our day at sea for the students in the workshop, and what a day it was, it was also the second day of a tournament being held over the weekend, we started out letting the students use the rigging skills they got tought on the first day to present skipping baits, and also try there hand at switch baiting, it did not take long and we started marking fish on the sounders. The students  could not believe how clear the fish marked on the large screen TV in the saloon. within minutes we were hooked up to 3 striped marlin at once, a bit of Chaos followed and we were soon unattached.

Due to the amount of boats fishing the same area and everyone else socking live baits, the fish were very finicky on the skip baits, but it was important for all to see all the technics they were taught the saturday at the dock. Soon after we released our first striped marlin on a skip bait, rigged by one of the class members.  But it was becoming obvious that to truly maxiumise on the amount of fish in the area we would soon have to soak some live baits, down deeper in the water colume.

By lunch time we had finished all the tutorial with rigging skip baits, and teaser and switch baiting.  The students were keen to start catching some number’s so with the help of the Viking 11’s excellent electronics, and our own specialised live baiting arrangement, we started catching in big numbers.  By knockoff, we had caught 10 marlin for the day, not bad for a group of guys who many had never seen a marlin before, and were working the deck of a marlin boat for the first time.

Port Stephens is gong off this season so get aboard the mighty Viking 11 and experience a magnificent boat and unbelievable fishing.

Phone Capt Billy Billson on 0427183159

Last trips for the season 4th December 2011

Hello folks

My season is finished and tomorrow we well begin the trip back to the Gold Coast. After my little holiday with my Children we had two trips to complete a overnight-er and a 5 day trip.

George Food shouted his Dad a 2 day trip, after we met in one of my workshops, The first day we were fishing off Jenny Louise shoal straight out of Cairns, fishing up till 5.00pm had been slow, and I was doubting my decision, when we had a bite on the scad, no hook up, almost immediately the  big fish took the middle stinger bait, and we were hooked up to a solid fish. Young George did a great Job, and the fish presented itself early, we took the opportunity, and George released his first Cairns Marlin around 900lbs.

That day was over and after a very pleasant night behind Flynn Reef, and a beautiful snorkel in the morning we were back into it again. Again the action did not happen till late, and not until just before wind in, the scad again got the attention of a small fish, 250lb and George’s Dad Jeff was hooked up, to a very active fish. It was great to catch them a couple of fish and one nice one on a special father and son gig.

Word of some bad dirty water moving down from up north, had me a little concerned about our next trip. Good friend Joel Pallister, and friends were aboard the first day around lunch time the dirty water moved in, and the Action slowed right down. The next day we were moving back south to get in front of the water, which was found off Euston Light, with the good water came 3 bites on small fish, and 3 jumped off. The next day the dirty water was also starting to move into the southern grounds, so we went out a little wide with the lures, a decent fish had 3 goes at the Bobby Brown Lure, and than we nailed it. I am sure we were hooked up to a Blue around 750lb it did some great things, and had us giving chase to a real speed star. Stuart was on up to the task, and we were very close to a release when the hooks pulled ( bugger ) well we still got some good entertainment.

The next day we were forced to fish in the dirty water, and on a very slow day for most we still managed a couple of fish to 400lb, which I was amazed to catch in such water. It was a very strange current that had moved in and rarely before witnessed in these waters.  with a early finish on the last day to see the sights of Cairns, we were finished for the 2011 season.

It was a magnificent season with all my charters have experience with nice fish, and many experiencing fish over the magic 1000lb

15th November Brents trip a beauty

Hello folks.

Just finished 5 days with long time client Brent Morehouse, Brent over the the 12 years he has fished with me has caught some great fish and this trip was no acception,  9 bites 7 releases one over 1000lb and one around 900lb, great to see such a nice person catch wonderfull big fish. Brent makes the big trip down from North Carolina each year, and loves the Cairns fishery.

I have had a cancellation so will not be out for a little over a week, so my blog may be a bit quite, My two Children are comming up to spend time with me and I am looking forward to it so much, 2 months since I have seen them.

By for now

Capt Billy

Marlin, Red emperor Coral trout Grand Slam November 12th 2011

Hello folks

A little late with this entry, Just finished another 7 days with my Partner Beau ( Mr Shangri la) we utillised the mother ship Galaxy 1 for his stay, and i must say it was a first class operation, one of the best I have experienced. Beau,s trips are always a mixture of fishing, and we always enjoy putting him on some quality reef fish, this trip they had a ball and the quality of fish, including  Red  emperor, and Coral trout put a big smile on all of Beau’s quests especially his wife Ying who loves pulling on these magnificent table fish.

We marlin fished only a few hours each afternoon and still managed to catch a few Marlin, one around 800lb. and wife Ying got her first ever Sailfish while light tackle fishing behind the reef, Beau was extreamly happy and said it was one of his best trips ever.

Just finished my second day with regular client Brent Morehouse, the first day Brent managed two fish around 250lb and 350lb and on his second day a real big Girl game in on the skipping Tuna, she was a quality fish and certainly got my attention, She had a change of heart and switched to the swimming scad, which the big fish engulfed a hard tough fight with only a couple of jumps followed, Brent was up on the drag to sunset 88lbs of Drag early, as the sharks can be a issue on Linden bank, The heavy drag and Brents experience of  12 seasons fishing with me, had the big fish on the leader in about 30 minutes, We released the fish and I called it over 1000lb, Brent was ecstatic, and so were all aboard. There has been a great number of large fish around this season and we have certainly seen our fair share.

All good again 3rd November 2011

Hello to all.

Well just had a day off, in Cooktown first day off for a long time, 4 months on boat refit and than straight into the season, I tell you it was well needed, feel so refreshed this morning, My two groups from the West have been and gone, Phill Perry, Matt and Tony, experienced a slower trip this year, a case of being in the right place at the right time was needed and unfortunately, we were at the wrong end of the reef when the other end got going. No 10  Ribbon shut right down, and Linden Bank was the place to be for the big Girls. This can happen, and so often it can happen that you try and get their, and it shuts down as soon as you arrive. That’s how it is, we travelled allot of miles but the result was a little lean,Two black marlin to 400lb and a small Blue marlin, that gave us allot of entertainment, there a different creature those Blues.

Jo and Steve Tatham, also from the West faired much better, Jo was out to have a crack at the 50lb Ladies record, so it was the 50lb on the right and the big guns on the left and in the middle. Jo kicked off the proceedings with a reasonable fish on the 50lb, but things certainly improved on the next day with 5 bites Two being big fish. Steve and I were having a chat on the Bridge and at the same time we spotted the big girl eat the scad, Jo did a brilliant job on the free spool, and we had her on, I wasted no time in getting back in case their was a early shot, and the boys were very busy trying to clear the other tackle out the side I did the dog leg around. By the time they got squared away, she was close, and looking like she was going to come up for a early shot, The line angled to the surface, and Jo cranked hard to clear the Belly. I good see the big fish just a few meters below the surface, start to shack her head, and she blew out the bait and hook, that the lighter drag of the 50lb tackle had not properly set.

That’s record fishing for you, we were happy for the opportunity, but our day was not over, Steve was next, and another big fish came in and eat two baits, including again Jo’s 50lb. It blew out the 50lb bait, but Steve was still on, and after a nice fight and great jumps the fish was released at around 850lb. Steve was a very happy angler, Another middle size fish released and a bite  on the 50lb with no hook up, put an end to a much more active day. 5 bites 2 big girls on, and some medium fish entertainment not to shabby.

Their last day we waited till bite time. and it came big time, a 400lber Climbed all over the fresh scaley that crewmen Wazza had and just put out,than the 50lb went off, than next the centre rigger went off. A tripple header, Chaos took over,  two were lost but we managed to get the first fish for Steve, That was our flurry for our last day, The Tathams were happy with there trip considering we were also fishing the lighter tackle.

My partner Beau is back on today so we will be doing alot of mixed fishing especially reef fishing which he enjoys, our mothership is the Galaxy very nice, looking forward to some luxuary.Till next time.

28th October 2011 There having a rest.

Hello Folks

The last 5 days we have3 been from No 10 to linden Bank, looking for the action, the water and current at No 10 was all wrong and although their was the very odd nice fish, alot of water between them, with a combination of lure fishing and baits to move around a bit we have caught 3 fish one being a Blue marlin, no size but a couple of fun fish. The big fish being caught at linden bank of cause shut down as soon as we arrived, They are still marking, and it gets a little frustrating running over these huge fish marks on the sounder and not being able to get a bite, it happens these are spawning fish, and they do some strange things.

It will change, they have to eat, and it is just a matter of time, yesterday we thought it was about to fire, when in the first 5 minutes of having the baits in the water, we got a very active 400lber, a little hard on Phill as he was still recovering after a little party on board the night before.

But not to be the rest of the day, I just watched them on the sounder and that was it, 90% of the fleet are at opal ridge and Linden Bank, and it seemed to be the same for all, just the odd fish, having a bite. the weather is now wonder full and we are all enjoying it untill next time.

21st October 2011 Well it had to happen

Hello folks

Well after a substantial run of magnificent weather, the south east trades let us know that they still existed in a big way, the weather reports telling us of 25 to 30 knots kept coming, and the warnings that wind gusts could be up to 40% stronger than the average given hear proved correct. Rain yes that as well and during some night time sessions it was beyond belief.

We have been on the Mothership Atlantic Princess for the last week, with my partner Beau Kuok ( Mr Shangri la ) Beau loves his reef fishing and mind you, anchoring in 30 knots of breeze and trying to get on the right spot, puts a whole new meaning to the word a boat driver, and for my 2 Wassa and James they did a excellent job on the bow dealing with the anchor, Beau has a nice lot of Trout and Red Emperor to take back with him.

On the Marlin seen, well we were doing a few hours each afternoon, from the radio chat from  few boats that were venturing outside the reef, it has slowed  quite a bit, the strong winds have pushed the current to the north, which has not been proven to be the best scenario.From our small effort  over 6 days we  caught 3 Marlin from 5 bites no big fish.

At last the wind is laying off, into Cooktown for change over, the forcast is alot more attractive for  the coming days, 3 lads from Western Australia will be joining us for 6 days Phill Perry and his mates are back after a great treip last year, Hope we can put it on for them again.

14th October 2011 Great days Great fishing

Hello Folks

Well Joe Golias and Austin Dishman from Texas, so far have had a trip of a life time, Joe’s encounter with the very large fish on the first day, was followed by a bunch of fish to 500lb on the second day, of ell thir trip. Over cocktails last night Joe asked me how many fish do you think we might catch tomorrow Capt Bill,  of Cause my answer was Joe would be happy to catch just a big one after the day we just had.

Well out we went, and 10 minutes of having our lines in the water, we got the bite I was looking for, and 30 minutes later we released a fish just a little shy of 1000lb. Austin biggest ever fish, and a great way to start the day, well it was a little slow after that, untill I got to a spot I named hollies half way along No 10 Ribbon. ( My Wife at the time went in to Labour for my eldest daughter Holly white i was fish this spot, and i had to race to No 7 ribbon to meet seaplane to get back to Cains for the birth.

It is one of my favourite places to fish now, and it is well known by most captains who have been arouind a while, well it produced for me again and another big one jumped on this fish was spectacular and with some close handed jumps that showed her true beauty, the big fish was released, 2 big ones for the day, the bites kept coming from a couple of medium fish to also, to break up the day. The Texas boys after 3 days are blown away,and are already organising there trip for next season.

12th October 2011 Another giant fish but no cigar.

Hello folks

Just had 3 days, after the tournament, with a very relaxing group, we spent the mornings reef fishing, and swiming snorkeling, fresh fish lunch behind the reef, and got into the Marlin Fishing after lunch,the weather has been spectacular, for those sort of activities, we still managed to get our bites on the Marlin scene, and a fish a day for this relaxed group was not a bad effort.

Joe Golias and friend Austin from Texas Joined us today we quickle headed up to No 10 ribbon, it was,nt long before  fish appeared behind the skad on the Tow Cam. The boys were all yelling from below but even in the Tower I could not make it out, they yelled when it bit, but after a few short jumps it fell off. Than less than 30 minutes later the fresh skipping mackerel on the short rigger got bit by a huge fish, the bite was amazing, well Joe was hooked up to a real tough guy, and after 1 hour 20 minutes we had her real close and getting tied, but after the heavy drag we were using to try and get a result with this fish, the 650lb leader finally gave up, I think the tail may have got to it.

It was a truly Great fish, and gave us a great fight, the fish won its freedom and she new all of my tricks to try and catch her.

Joe was more than happy just for the encounter, 10 minutes later we caught Austin his first black marlin 300lb, not bad for for a first day, and my new clients.


Great tournament Plenty of big fish.

Hello Folks

Well after the 6th day of the Lizard Is Black marlin classic, The tournament has been another amazing example of this fishery, some quality fish have been caught and a few over the magical 1000lb and some maybe over 1100lb, the amount of big fish reports comming accross the Radio reports, has made it well and truly  the best tournament  for Big fish in the world. The current is running to the south in comparison to last season, and  is strong and consistant,  some boats have found some very hot, hot spots.

Askari is well and truly in the lead, and has had a super tournament, and will be hard to beat now, Little Audry has also done very well, we are still in the hunt for champion angler or runner up champion angler with 8 Tags for my little 14 year old. We are running around 3rd or 4th at present, unfortunately I had to fish with one motor for a part of the tournament as a clutch pack in my Port gearbox had a little hickup, it was a big night in Cooktown repairing the gear box half way through the gig.

The weather currently is georgous and the days and night on the reef our spectacular, The presentation of awards will be held tonight at Lizard Island. Always a big accasion and good to meet up with everyone.

We have to start a new charter the next day out of Cooktown so it will be another big night running down to their after the awards, better get to work by for now.

3rd of October 2011 2nd day of Lizard island black marlin classic.

Hello Folks

The 25 th Lizard Island black marlin classic is under way, and a little slow at present, I think the pace is currently 2 fish which a handfull of boats including ourselves have, I have a 14 year old as my angler, Conner Craven has come with his Dad Glenn, they fished with me in a few tournaments down south at Port Stephens, Great people and Conner does a great job for a young man, with the heavy tackle, Got a bit on so short note today stay tuned.

1st October 2011 What a Day!!!

Hello Folks

Well the last day of Dave McPhearson’s charter arrived and we moved down to the middle ribbons.  Dave was collecting a few nice fresh baits on the way. The 2 knots of southerly set, pushed me down there in no time and I reached one of my favorite big fish points right on top of the tide. Just as I made my first turn there she was, the bite was spectacular and after 30 minutes of some great jumps and deep fights we had our first fish over 1000lb for the season. It is so great catching BIG fish on perfect days. Dave was over the moon and put the iceing on a already great trip.

A little more effort produced a small 200lb’er and I was very happy with the day but than nearly right on the mark where we got the first large fish a monster appeared and engulfed the Scaley Mackerel. After a hard 45 minute fight we had a fish that was truly a giant on the leader. It was one of the largest fish I have seen, what a day!!! Dave was exhausted and we got a early mark and headed for Cooktown.

Dave got 5 fish for his trip, and 2 over the 1000lb mark. He was a very happy boy.

30th September 2011

Hello Again

Just finished 2nd  Day of Dave Mcpherson, 4 day trip, his first day consisted of a few nice 2okg Yellofin and a 400lb Black marlin, our second day was a little slower with no bites at all, but a nice fish came up on the Skip bait on the stinger, and just would not eat, even pitching back a live rainbow runner, Could not entice her.


23rd September 2011 a good start.

Hello Again

Dave Paul and John started their trip from Cooktown, and after a bait fish on the way out put the lines in at the top of No 4 ribbon. on our first turn we had a fish up with was reveiled by the Tow cam, but no bite, ok now I am going to get paranoid that this camera might spoke the fish, a little further along and up comes another fish on the scad that would not eat, again I look at the Camera and wonder, than we get a nice bite on the splash bait and caught a 700lber but the tow Cam footage reveiled another fish with the Bigger one that had a half hearted bite on the scad.

Than later on another looker, at the scad with the Tow cam is in frount of and no bite, well are they camera shy! stay tuned,  so Just One decent fish for the day and a few lookers, the tow cam is great for the entertainment value, but could be playing with my paranoia.

19th September 2011 Plenty of Action

Hello Folks
Well after the Boys had their quota of fish to take back home in the fish boxes, we thought we put in a solid effort looking for Marlin. I decided to work the top of No 5 ribbon, the water looked fantastic, and with a nice a solid set to the south, and some tuna showing up on the points, it was’nt long before we had our first bite. No luck with the hook up but soon after our second bite proved to have a better result, the action kept rolling and as the fish were no bigger than 300lb we decided to use light tackle for a bit more sport.

Having to meet a plane out of Cooktown, meant we had to finish at 1500 so my first charter for the season, managed 3 black marlin for their last day one which was caught on a bait rod, so with a bunch of quality table fish, in the freezers and 3 marlin for their 3 day trip the lads from the gold Coast were more than happy