Last trips for the season 4th December 2011

Hello folks

My season is finished and tomorrow we well begin the trip back to the Gold Coast. After my little holiday with my Children we had two trips to complete a overnight-er and a 5 day trip.

George Food shouted his Dad a 2 day trip, after we met in one of my workshops, The first day we were fishing off Jenny Louise shoal straight out of Cairns, fishing up till 5.00pm had been slow, and I was doubting my decision, when we had a bite on the scad, no hook up, almost immediately the  big fish took the middle stinger bait, and we were hooked up to a solid fish. Young George did a great Job, and the fish presented itself early, we took the opportunity, and George released his first Cairns Marlin around 900lbs.

That day was over and after a very pleasant night behind Flynn Reef, and a beautiful snorkel in the morning we were back into it again. Again the action did not happen till late, and not until just before wind in, the scad again got the attention of a small fish, 250lb and George’s Dad Jeff was hooked up, to a very active fish. It was great to catch them a couple of fish and one nice one on a special father and son gig.

Word of some bad dirty water moving down from up north, had me a little concerned about our next trip. Good friend Joel Pallister, and friends were aboard the first day around lunch time the dirty water moved in, and the Action slowed right down. The next day we were moving back south to get in front of the water, which was found off Euston Light, with the good water came 3 bites on small fish, and 3 jumped off. The next day the dirty water was also starting to move into the southern grounds, so we went out a little wide with the lures, a decent fish had 3 goes at the Bobby Brown Lure, and than we nailed it. I am sure we were hooked up to a Blue around 750lb it did some great things, and had us giving chase to a real speed star. Stuart was on up to the task, and we were very close to a release when the hooks pulled ( bugger ) well we still got some good entertainment.

The next day we were forced to fish in the dirty water, and on a very slow day for most we still managed a couple of fish to 400lb, which I was amazed to catch in such water. It was a very strange current that had moved in and rarely before witnessed in these waters.  with a early finish on the last day to see the sights of Cairns, we were finished for the 2011 season.

It was a magnificent season with all my charters have experience with nice fish, and many experiencing fish over the magic 1000lb