Great big fish season, Yesterday our 5th over the Mark.

18th November 2010

Hello Folks

I mentioned earlier I was going to do a count on the Nice fish we have caught this season, What I am looking at is the fish over 800lb, and after the real nice one we caught yesterday, It reminded me to get onto it.

To Date we have caught 14 black Marlin between 800lb and conservative 1000lb and over, I would say that 4 of those I wrote in my Log as being 1000lb plus for my own records.

Yesterday First time Angler Phillip Perry from KARRATHA, Western Australia, caught a beauty on his second day with us, the fish did some great jumps towards us on the strike, and settled down and headed for the deep, some serious heavy drag in the early stages slowed Her down and we got the leader with in half an hour, I got a great look at the Giant fish in the pristine clear water, and the length and girth across its back, made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, a real nive