First trip 17th September 2011

Hello Folks
We have started our season, with 4 Clients from the Gold Coast, the plan was to leave from Cairns and fish our way north and finish in Cooktown, Our first day resulted in raising 2 Marlin, one around 600lb and another small fish, Both fish did not really want to eat.
Day 2 the Boys were keen to get amonst the action behind the reef, with some sportfishing and reef fishing. we had a great Half day, with some quality spanish Mackerel, and putr the boys on one of my Red emperor spots, and did they have a ball pulling on these top of the line reef fish. We bagged out and left them bitting, Than it was off to behind the reef for a fish feast, and swim.

We did not get into the Marlin fishing programe untill 3.00 pm and just trolled down sea to our anchorage at No 3 Ribbon, but we couud’nt put the iceing on the cake of a great day by catching a marlin.