First 15 minutes of Heavy tackle season.

Hello to everyone.

Viking and crew on the reef. Left for 5 days Reef and light tackle fishing, left on the 7th Sep at 1300 to catch some bait, Got to linden bank at 1600 and started catching scad. Had a lazer pro out back for a mackerel, when we spotted a tailer, hooked up and after a great fight on 50lb released a 450 lber first fish for the season and we wer’nt even marlin fishing. We bagged out on red emperor and Coral trout as well as spanish mackerel, Yellowfin tuna, Bluefin tuna, to break the trip up, everone happy. The new cummins engines don’t stop impressing me, well be doing article in Bluewater on refit soon stay tuned.

Going back into Cairns today, do first full marlin day tomorror, stay tuned for report.