Catching up.

22nd September 2010

Hello Folks.

Tim Lonesdale finised his 5 days with us yesterday, He caught 4 for his trip  2 big girls a 500lber and a small one, He also Had bites out of 2 other Big fish but they jumped us off. The 500lber was a beauty came in all lite up like a christmas tree, and when it finally ate and got hooked, it was off like a young boy on steroids, Not a huge fish but gave us all a lot of fun, Got some shots this time and will post them soon.

Paul kelly the original owner of my first Boat Viking is on board now, Paul, Doug and Rodney are my longest serving Clients, 23 seasons Now, They love there reef fishing so I went to one of my red spots for a drop before we got into the Marlin Programe, It was a hot bite and the boys had a ball with Red emperor, Large mouth Nannegai, Mangrove Jack, Coral trout. There fish box is full to take home, and dinner was a delight.

No luck with the marlin though, in the last few hours.

Capt Billy Billson