Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing for Billfish

For those anglers who have experienced the joy of catching fish on Fly-fishing tackle Viking II offers the perfect platform for targeting all species on fly, especially billfish. With it her crew of highly recognised world anglers and guides Viking II is the perfect choice for your next fly fishing adventure.


The beautiful and picturesque Port of Port Stephens is rapidly becoming recognised as the Number 1 destination in the world for targeting Black, Blue and Striped Marlin on Fly. Few destinations can boast of consistent shots on all 3 species of marlin with a size range that is perfect for all tippet classes.

The inside grounds hold Black and Striped marlin between 40lb and 200lb. While the outside continental shelf grounds (25 miles out) hold all 3 species. Blacks to 350lb, Stripes to 350lb and consistent Blues between 150lb and 500lb plus are consistently being caught on fly on these grounds.

The comment that “Port Stephens is becoming the No 1 destination for fly fishers, targeting marlin, in the world is not made without credentials, a quick look at the current IGFA World Record Book will reveal that Port Stephens is frequently mentioned. With pending records from the 1999 season to be issued, Port Stephens will soon hold top ranking.

Believe it or not this small but beautiful Port hosts the largest Game fishing Tournament in the Southern Hemisphere (won by Viking II in 1999 also runners up in 2000). Port Stephens is only a 30 minute domestic flight from Sydney or a two and a half hour drive along quality roads from Sydney. Magnificent beaches, sparkling waterways, great restaurants and a 5 star golf course make this a very spectacular destination.

Or as an alternative you can utilise Viking II for fly-fishing out of the Gold Coast or Cairns, targeting all sport fish especially black marlin and sailfish.

Viking II will be based in Cairns from June to December and Port Stephens from January to April each year. Let Capt Bill Billson and his experienced crew show you the experience of a fly-fishing trip to remember.