Big fish just keep coming. 31st October 2013

Hello Folks

My partner Beau wife ying and friend Gee just finished 6 days with us. We had the Aroona for our mother ship and my girlfriend Kay also came along for the ride. The Aroona was a wonderful experience, and a nice break for me.

Fishing wise, as always the first half of our days were getting amongst some great reef fishing, Red emperor and Coral trout keep the team very happy. The marlin fishing was still producing quality fish and on our second day after a morning of pulling on large Red Emperor and a fish feed behind the reef we ventured out. Before long Beau was hooked up to our 7th Grander for the season, I was having trouble believing the run I was having with these huge fish. The big girl was released and Beau and all aboard were ecstatic.

Our day was not finished than it was Gee’s turn another Big fish, This girl new all the tricks and headed out to the deep water, it was a tough fight for 40 minutes and we had the serious drag on her than it was over she won her freedom, the 650 lb leader had chafed through. Gee was still happy for the experience and we made our way back to the mother ship after a amazing day of reef fishing and Giant marlin fishing.

Gee’s luck with the big fish didn’t change and late on day 3 another beauty attacked our skipping Mackerel Tuna, This time she just blew out the bait after 15minutes, she was not properly hooked.

With some smaller fish action during the trip and a bite out of another big girl, all round it was a wonderful time, great fishing great people Beau and his team left very, very happy, They will be back for another week in a couple of weeks time.

Trying to put some photos up but having problems hope soon.

Capt Billy Billson