Another lizard tournament and another Grander. 21st October 2013

Hello folks

Just to wet your appetite hear is a few great shots of the last fish of the tournament I called it 850lb the Iona 11 boys were along side and my mate mustard got some shots thank Mustard.


Another Lizard Is Black Marlin Classic has been run and won. Congratulations to Capt Ross and the boys on Topshot. As for Viking 11 we had a wonderful tournament with the big fish again. Day 4 Heart break corner worked for me and a larger than large fish engulfed the bait, than her male companion also decided to have a feed, a double header one angler in the Chair and one  the stand up harness. Jim wild who was in the stand up gear with a 130lb chair rod lost he’s footing and the Rod hit the covering board so had to be disqualified, No point in wasting time so I told the boys to cut him off, so we could go after the big Girl. We tagged our 4th fish over 1000lb for the season and Rick Pollock’s first grander, so far we have had 4 charter groups and a member of each of these charter groups  has caught a grander. Ricks day was not finished and 2 hours later he was into another nice fish we called 850lb it was also tagged and released and gave as the daily award most fish tagged Day 4. We were back in the hunt.

Than our luck turned still finding the fish and getting the bites, everything that could go wrong did,  a big backlash from a crazy bite certainly had the frustration building, than I was amazed when I watched a another nice fish eat a tiny scad and somehow the circle hook missed its mark.

Our luck turned with only half an hour left to fish in the tournament. Another good fish great action on a big day as the shots contest, Jim wild got the 850lber in the pictures good to end on a high note gave us 5 for the tournament, but happy to be in the top 10%, we had a wonderful tournament and the big presentation night at lizard Is was one to remember, Thankyou to my great crew Westy and Carl and anglers Jim Wild and Rick Pollock. Out again this morning 25 knot trade wind should be fun.

Capt Billy Billson