All good again 3rd November 2011

Hello to all.

Well just had a day off, in Cooktown first day off for a long time, 4 months on boat refit and than straight into the season, I tell you it was well needed, feel so refreshed this morning, My two groups from the West have been and gone, Phill Perry, Matt and Tony, experienced a slower trip this year, a case of being in the right place at the right time was needed and unfortunately, we were at the wrong end of the reef when the other end got going. No 10  Ribbon shut right down, and Linden Bank was the place to be for the big Girls. This can happen, and so often it can happen that you try and get their, and it shuts down as soon as you arrive. That’s how it is, we travelled allot of miles but the result was a little lean,Two black marlin to 400lb and a small Blue marlin, that gave us allot of entertainment, there a different creature those Blues.

Jo and Steve Tatham, also from the West faired much better, Jo was out to have a crack at the 50lb Ladies record, so it was the 50lb on the right and the big guns on the left and in the middle. Jo kicked off the proceedings with a reasonable fish on the 50lb, but things certainly improved on the next day with 5 bites Two being big fish. Steve and I were having a chat on the Bridge and at the same time we spotted the big girl eat the scad, Jo did a brilliant job on the free spool, and we had her on, I wasted no time in getting back in case their was a early shot, and the boys were very busy trying to clear the other tackle out the side I did the dog leg around. By the time they got squared away, she was close, and looking like she was going to come up for a early shot, The line angled to the surface, and Jo cranked hard to clear the Belly. I good see the big fish just a few meters below the surface, start to shack her head, and she blew out the bait and hook, that the lighter drag of the 50lb tackle had not properly set.

That’s record fishing for you, we were happy for the opportunity, but our day was not over, Steve was next, and another big fish came in and eat two baits, including again Jo’s 50lb. It blew out the 50lb bait, but Steve was still on, and after a nice fight and great jumps the fish was released at around 850lb. Steve was a very happy angler, Another middle size fish released and a bite  on the 50lb with no hook up, put an end to a much more active day. 5 bites 2 big girls on, and some medium fish entertainment not to shabby.

Their last day we waited till bite time. and it came big time, a 400lber Climbed all over the fresh scaley that crewmen Wazza had and just put out,than the 50lb went off, than next the centre rigger went off. A tripple header, Chaos took over,  two were lost but we managed to get the first fish for Steve, That was our flurry for our last day, The Tathams were happy with there trip considering we were also fishing the lighter tackle.

My partner Beau is back on today so we will be doing alot of mixed fishing especially reef fishing which he enjoys, our mothership is the Galaxy very nice, looking forward to some luxuary.Till next time.