8th October 2009 Finally a nice one

Hello Beautiful people

We worked down from No 10 to the middle grounds yesterday and spent a couple of hours catching huge spanish mackerel on live scad at top of No 7. We fished down to top of No 5 and worked it for the rest of Day Finally a nice fish appeared behind the scad bait, with a couple of male companions. The nice fish had no trouble in engulfing the scad and young Jake was hooked up to this black beauty, the fish gave a great performance, and was released, at 750 800lb. The baits went out again and almost straight away a bivgger fish came in and looked like it would eat for sure, when a large wahoo came in and won the race to the Dinner table. Another raft up with Iona 11 and socialising with friends and clients will known angler Jon Paul Richard from FRENCH LOOK fame,

My buddy’s from sydney Neil and Jake francis who bought up there own boat DEALNE this year to the reef, are having a ball and have already caught a 800 and 900lber with Capt Tiger at the helm, Linden bank was the hot spot.

It is my last day today, of this 7 day charter, and hoping for a grander to make a great trip even greater, than onto the Mothership Alantic Princess for 14 days, 7 With Beau Quok his father and companions, regulars and Grand Poo bah’s of the Shangra lai chain of hotels, and 7 with new clients Brian Shingle and friends from the states. It will be a nice break from the liveaboard programe for us.