5th November 2010 Big fish Charter for Beau my Partner.

Hello folks

Yes everyone complaining my Blog is not up to date, little to much to take care of sometimes, and rather be catching than writing about it, so lets see if I can get a bit up to speed.

My Partner Beau had another 7 days which finished on the 5th we caught 9 fish from 15 bites, His first day we got the big one that as mentioned earlier gave us One hell of a fight we let it go at a conservitive 900lb, we caught fish up to 700lb on other days and had 2 three fish days.

On the second last day Beau’s generosity was shown again, when he asked the chief out for the day, and kept him on strike for most of it. Steve caught 2 one around 700lb and Beau got the last one for the day as Steve was a little worn out. What a wonderful jester from a beautiful man.

We had to finish at 2pm on the last Day and right on 2pm Beau was rewarded for his generosity, the previous day when a beautiful fish crashed the skipping Mack Tuna. The bite was impressive to say the least, and so was the fight, The fish was let go after some great jumps on the leader in 15 minutes, what a way to finish a great trip. The fish was over 1000lb and I have never seen Beau so happy, Great things happen to great people.