3rd October 2009 yes its going to be as expected a cracker season

Hello Boys and girls

Reports up and down the reef, are very impressive, Linden bank is on fire with most boats getting amoungst the fish including  small trailer boats.

40 miles from Cairns and even if you’re on a day trip or overnighter, a popular destination.  Capt. Jared pointed Shaka to find a big girl that was released at 950lbirst ever black marlin. Picture of Ant on the leader with the big girl, estimated at 950lbs. The fish was released in great shape after a 35 minute fight. 

 Capt. Tiger ( Allan Giel )is driving my good friend Neil Francis and son Jake, Private 40ft Carribean Dealne which they have bought all the way up from Sydney to fish the reef, and are having a ball. The 800lber the boys caught yesterday is the biggest the boys have ever see.  Askari finished their reef fishing trip Thursday bagging out on coral trout and red emperor, and the guys were glad to head out to the Bank for some marlin fishing Friday, raising three and pulling the hooks on one after 5 minutes.

 The Force  a early 40ft assagai is in town with new owners and friends , Doug and Deb from Port Stephens and as crew Zacattack lure maker Mario Zac, and it has not forgotten how to raise fish going one from one est. at 300lbs on their first day on the Bank.

There is no shortage of fish up the top end as well, With boats reporting seeing allot of tailers, In our first 15 minutes of fishing we hooked up on a nice one but pulled the hook. We thought it was the sign of many more bites for the day, but we avoided them for the rest of the day.