3rd November 2009 Catching up.

Hello Folks

I know been a while since my last blog, Been up at Yonge Reef out of range but let me catch up. Firstly the Lizard Island Black marlin classic has been run and won. With Sharky Miles on the Mauna Kea, having a hot day on the 6th day, finding a nice little pod and getting 4 from 6 in 2.5 hours, And gave the boats in the hunt a little bit of a slap in the face .

Mauna keatook out Champion Boat with 11 tags, Spartacus runners up with 9 tags, and Joe Joe 8 tags, and Viking 11 with also 8 tags, Congratulations to the winners, and to Bob Low and his team for another outstanding Tournament.

One of the big Highlights of this tournament was the fact that, 10 fish over 1000lb were tagged and released.

My good friend Beau Quokand his lovely lady Ying, from The Shangra la hotel group, are back for their second trip of the season, this time doing a live aboard, Beau loves the livaboard deal withjust him and his lady, and plays second chief with his amazing abilities in the galley.

We always spend a big part of the day light tackle and bottom fishing, and sneekout for a few hours Heavy Tackle in the afternoon, we are loading up the freezers and have still managed to keep in touch with the marlin averaging 1 a day.


Had quite a few enquires as to why my Boat and a couple of others, get so little mention or not listed as the Cairns Charter fleet, on another Major fishing Blog. Well I am not in a position to speak for the other guys but hear is my side of the story, and happy to let it be known.

As many of you may not know, to legally operate a charter boat in NSW, you have to have a NSW Charter boat licence, these had to be obtained by showing history in the industry in NSW as the licences were capped at around 200. They did not issue them easily, and the other option was to purchase  a transferable Licence, at a considerable sum of around $20,000.

Being a Owner operator and 3 kids to support, It is easy to get frustrated when you find that operators who live in Queensland take there boats to NSW and operate and market themselves as being available for charter out of Port Stephens NSW, without the proper licensing and Documentation.

The boats in question are run by the father and fiance of the author of that other marlin blog,

In a industry that is hard enough to keep your head above water, when you are the Man who  also pays the Bills, I will not accept The fact that Charter boats, who are owned by wealthy owners who have employed full time Captain’s do operate illegally and are competition in a market place, that I have spent large somes of money to operate legally.

On my last trip to Port Stephens, I let the operator or one of these boats, That he should address the fact of becoming legal, and I was less than impressed with what he and his future father in law had done and were consistently doing.

In retaliation, I was removed from the mighty blackmarlinblog, by the wife to be, and of cause she finds great difficulty in having to mention Viking 11 on her blog.

As my Father well and truly drummed into me as a youngster, some things in life just can’t go unchecked. And I will never back away from expressing myself, and doing what is ever necessary to look after my family, and If I see the other businesses operating unfairly, and potentially taking food from my children’s mouths, I will be very happy to express my points of view, again!!!.

With close to 30 years in this industry, and a Client base and friends from every corner of the Globe, This foolish move in retaliation for my Honest and just comments, will only help my business in exposure, and let honest hard working people, in other lines of work know a true storey.

By all means do not stop tuning in to Kelly’s blog as she has much more time and skills, to keep you in touch with whats happening on a day to day basis. But you may have to click on another site to get the full story.

Looking forward to comments, and if Luke, Kelly, and Jim would like to discuss this further, I am always available.

PS. Should get the mobile phones ringing on the reef.

Capt Billy  



what he and his future father in