28th October 2011 There having a rest.

Hello Folks

The last 5 days we have3 been from No 10 to linden Bank, looking for the action, the water and current at No 10 was all wrong and although their was the very odd nice fish, alot of water between them, with a combination of lure fishing and baits to move around a bit we have caught 3 fish one being a Blue marlin, no size but a couple of fun fish. The big fish being caught at linden bank of cause shut down as soon as we arrived, They are still marking, and it gets a little frustrating running over these huge fish marks on the sounder and not being able to get a bite, it happens these are spawning fish, and they do some strange things.

It will change, they have to eat, and it is just a matter of time, yesterday we thought it was about to fire, when in the first 5 minutes of having the baits in the water, we got a very active 400lber, a little hard on Phill as he was still recovering after a little party on board the night before.

But not to be the rest of the day, I just watched them on the sounder and that was it, 90% of the fleet are at opal ridge and Linden Bank, and it seemed to be the same for all, just the odd fish, having a bite. the weather is now wonder full and we are all enjoying it untill next time.