25TH October 2009 Lizard starts

Hello Folks

Before I start, I received a comment from my friend and crewmen on Castille Kenton Geer, and he informs me that the Captain who said the fish they were fighting a very large fish, had been sharked was misstaken, the fish was in good condition when released, Damed if I know how much missinformed information goes unround this industry, But I am glad to hear that what I was told was not the case. And good going to the boys on Castille.

Talking about Castille the first day of the Lizard tournament today, saws them blitz the fleet, with 3 tagged fish, out of a heap of bites, Plus one they called 950 lb. A great effort well done guy.

Boats with 2 fish for day 1, include Hattitude, Little Audry, and a number On one fish.

I had a shocker with out even a bit, Hoping for better luck today