25th Giant Black Marlin season on viking and viking 11

Hello Folks

Yes I Still have a pulse, In fact better than ever, been in the refit Gym for some time down to a new low in weight from my high score of 128 Kg now at 109 kg  and feeling great. The Viking 11 has also been getting a big tune up, and she is now the most amazing boat. My Good friend and Partner Beau Kuok, told me he wanted a special boat, and I believe we have achieved that after 4 months of fine tuning.

I am currently at Old Reef 50 miles SE of Townsville, we have had a nice day with the Spanish mackerel and the Boys who do the trip north from Hamilton Island with me every year, are now out the back catching a few trout.

The 2011 Giant Black Marlin season is about to begin it is my 25 year as Captain of Viking and Viking 11 and 30 years of being part of this amazing fishery.

Wazza is with me again, to help celebrate my  25th year, and my old boss when I was on the tools, Neil Francis, has let me grab his son for a season, Jake and I go back to when he was a pup and the Francis boys would Charter me in Port Stephens. Jake and his Dad on Dealne Took out the Champion boat Capture in the Port Stephens Interclub this year, and he is a very talented young man, and I am very Happy to have him aboard.

I will endeavour to keep my Blogs up to speed this season so stay tuned, I have some of my great regular clients with us again, and with the Current climate happy to have a very busy season.

Thank you to all my dear friends, and fishing buddies for their continuous support.  I can guarantee I will be giving all of my 25 years of experience and  dedication to give you a trip, you will remember. Stay tuned.