23rd September 2011 a good start.

Hello Again

Dave Paul and John started their trip from Cooktown, and after a bait fish on the way out put the lines in at the top of No 4 ribbon. on our first turn we had a fish up with was reveiled by the Tow cam, but no bite, ok now I am going to get paranoid that this camera might spoke the fish, a little further along and up comes another fish on the scad that would not eat, again I look at the Camera and wonder, than we get a nice bite on the splash bait and caught a 700lber but the tow Cam footage reveiled another fish with the Bigger one that had a half hearted bite on the scad.

Than later on another looker, at the scad with the Tow cam is in frount of and no bite, well are they camera shy! stay tuned,  so Just One decent fish for the day and a few lookers, the tow cam is great for the entertainment value, but could be playing with my paranoia.