22nd October 2009 Lizard time.


Hello Folks

Today we were hounded by the little fish to 300 lb, and with 3 bites could only manage to stay attached to one. Brian Shinkle ( Pictured after just releasing his first Cairns 1000lb Marlin ) Tim and John only have one more day with us, and our team for the Lizard Tournament Get aboard. I am hoping and praying for a good result, I will be keeping you informed with the daily results.

On another matter as you are aware the 21st of October  a nice flurry of big fish came into No 10 Ribbon. The boats Release, Watchdog, Viking 11, and Castille, Got amoungst the action with the big girls, after a telephone conversation with another Captain I was informed that unfortunately the fish that Castille was fighting a very large fish got sharked. We all hate when this happens as it is a poor result for all especially the fish.

But I am amazed that this fish is being talked about as a properly caught fish by the other Fishing blog, and the Capt,  If this is truly the case, the people involved  should find the nearest Mirror and have a good hard look at themselves.

Capt Billy Billson