21st October 2011 Well it had to happen

Hello folks

Well after a substantial run of magnificent weather, the south east trades let us know that they still existed in a big way, the weather reports telling us of 25 to 30 knots kept coming, and the warnings that wind gusts could be up to 40% stronger than the average given hear proved correct. Rain yes that as well and during some night time sessions it was beyond belief.

We have been on the Mothership Atlantic Princess for the last week, with my partner Beau Kuok ( Mr Shangri la ) Beau loves his reef fishing and mind you, anchoring in 30 knots of breeze and trying to get on the right spot, puts a whole new meaning to the word a boat driver, and for my 2 Wassa and James they did a excellent job on the bow dealing with the anchor, Beau has a nice lot of Trout and Red Emperor to take back with him.

On the Marlin seen, well we were doing a few hours each afternoon, from the radio chat from  few boats that were venturing outside the reef, it has slowed  quite a bit, the strong winds have pushed the current to the north, which has not been proven to be the best scenario.From our small effort  over 6 days we  caught 3 Marlin from 5 bites no big fish.

At last the wind is laying off, into Cooktown for change over, the forcast is alot more attractive for  the coming days, 3 lads from Western Australia will be joining us for 6 days Phill Perry and his mates are back after a great treip last year, Hope we can put it on for them again.