20th October 2009 wind peaks at 38 knots.

Hello folks

The strong winds that have been on us for the last couple of days climaxed last night to 38 knots, anchor watches were put into place on the mothership, and the fishing day was looking a little doubtful.

But after the action we have been having the last few days, my clients were still keen to give it at least a couple of hours, so after a late lunch aboard the Mothership Atlantic Princess, at 13;30 the ropes were thrown and out we went.

Fortunately the wind was backing off, and it was’nt any worst than the day before, we managed 3 bites and caught a 400lber and jumped two similar size fish off. It was hard work for the crew down below and my clients really apreciated the effort.

The winds will lay off in the next couple of days, and the fishing will now be more consistent after the blow. 

Capt Billy