2008 Port Stephens season


Back from Port Stephens season, and enjoying catching up with my wonderful family. Had some great times at the Port, here are a few highlights.


Catching 8 in a day as well as all three species.   Catching blue marlin over 200kg on 15kg, catching 3 blues marlin over 150kg,. Plus consistent multiple fish days.


Here is a great little story that was one of my personal highlights.


Kim, my wife ,came down for a little 3 day visit, during some time off. I decided to give her a treat and take her for a marlin fish. It was one of those days magic days weather wise, and we headed up to the Gibber, a serious reef structure between Broughton Island and Seal Rocks.  We caught our fresh bait got them out and crewman Wade, Kim, and myself sat back to enjoy the day. I went to the cockpit to have a leak and Wade took over the driving. As always it happened we had our first bite, Kim got hooked up to a nice Black, and I started clearing the gear. Well some how I found myself also hooked up, and for the first time ever Mummy and Daddy had a double header on, of decent black marlin, and personally I could not remember the last time I was hooked up to a marlin. It was a great hour of great fun. Of course I lost mine but Kim got hers. Mission accomplished back to the marina for debriefing and cocktails.


The 2008 interclub tournament was won by my good friends on the new Assegai Gorilla who took out the tag and release section! And my other buddies on rampage took out the capture section. Due to bad weather it only turned out to be a 2 day gig.