2000 Giant Black Marlin

Season Update

Viking 11 is currently fishing off Cairns for the 2000 Giant Black Marlin season and again proveing to be one of the top boats. With the season only half over the results have been excellent with Viking 11 again finishing in the top 2 boats in the THE LIZARD ISLAND BLACK MARLIN CLASSIC a tornerment Viking has won twice and placed in consistenlty including a 2nd place last year. This year Viking 11 came within literaly a few minutes of winning again eventualy finishing in 2nd place on countback a close and exciting result for US Anglers Rodger Torino and Rich Hassberger who tagged 5 fish during the tornerment including 2 over 900Lbs in one day!!

Other notable captures so far include a 960 pound Black Marlin caught and weighed by Bruce Morehouse of South Carolina USA and the release of a monster 1100 Lb Giant Black by a very happy David Palmer of Texas. In total Viking11 has released or captured 2 Marlin over 1000Lbs and a 5 over 900Lbs for its lucky anglers so far this season and the season still has a long way to go! Viking 11 still has good slots available for the 2001 giant Black Marlin season and remember that in the new year Viking 11 heads south to the exciting grounds off Pt Stephens NSW for the southern season with limited bookings still available
if you act quickly.

Viking II commenced fishing out of Port Stephens in the last week of January 2000. Already the fishing from the previous week’s report was red hot. We were keen to concentrate on bait and switching as this time of year produces vast quantities of striped marlin. Our hook up rate on bait and switch runs close to 90%.

The Port Stephens area has a prominent tournament season. Our first tournament we finished my good friends Alan Bridge, Dennis Goldspink and Rob Southhall. The boys normally fish on Alan’s boat however Alan’s new boat is still in production so the tournament was fished on the Viking II. The boys were happy with our results, coming in 2nd place with tag & release of black, blue and striped marlin.

Some of my Japanese anglers wanted to have a go at switch baiting but instead of switching the fish to take a live or dead bait, they decided to attempt to get the fish to take popper lures being cast just on thread line outfits. It was very exciting, we raised 11 fish, again black, blue and striped marlin. We hooked 4 but only managed to get 1 to the boat; a blue marlin around 300lb.

Other tournaments Viking II fished while in Port Stephens area were the Broken Bay Invitational, the Port Stephens Shootout and the largest tournament of it’s kind in the southern hemisphere; the NSW Interclub Tournament. We took our Champion Boat in this tournament last year and came very close to achieving this feat again but we were “pipped at the post” by just 2kg. We were more than happy with 2nd place result after last year’s win.

A 1st place in the Broken Bay Invitational, in the Light Tackle Tag & Release section, added to another very successful season out of Port Stephens this year.

Port Stephens attracted many international anglers this year, some targeting the perfect sized billfish on fly and others attempting to enter their name in the IGFA World Record Book utilizing ultra-light tackle. Some of the results were remarkable with new world claims for black and striped marlin on 2lb, 4lb and 6lb line classes. I am sure you will hear more of this remarkable fishing in up and coming fishing bulletins.