14th October 2011 Great days Great fishing

Hello Folks

Well Joe Golias and Austin Dishman from Texas, so far have had a trip of a life time, Joe’s encounter with the very large fish on the first day, was followed by a bunch of fish to 500lb on the second day, of ell thir trip. Over cocktails last night Joe asked me how many fish do you think we might catch tomorrow Capt Bill,  of Cause my answer was Joe would be happy to catch just a big one after the day we just had.

Well out we went, and 10 minutes of having our lines in the water, we got the bite I was looking for, and 30 minutes later we released a fish just a little shy of 1000lb. Austin biggest ever fish, and a great way to start the day, well it was a little slow after that, untill I got to a spot I named hollies half way along No 10 Ribbon. ( My Wife at the time went in to Labour for my eldest daughter Holly white i was fish this spot, and i had to race to No 7 ribbon to meet seaplane to get back to Cains for the birth.

It is one of my favourite places to fish now, and it is well known by most captains who have been arouind a while, well it produced for me again and another big one jumped on this fish was spectacular and with some close handed jumps that showed her true beauty, the big fish was released, 2 big ones for the day, the bites kept coming from a couple of medium fish to also, to break up the day. The Texas boys after 3 days are blown away,and are already organising there trip for next season.