14th November 2009 Another nice one for a new client.

Hello folks

Started with new clients, from Brisbane today. Scott Watson, and friends. I was going to troll lures up to Escape reef as the water on Linden Bank went off the day before. But after an hour of heading north, I had a feeling that things were changing, and a new run of good water was coming in. Should I stay or stick with the game plane.

I selected to give it another day on the bank, and it was the right call. Workiing just inside the wide trench at the top of the bank. We had 2 bites out of nice fish, one we jumped off, But the second stayed attached and with scott in the chair, The Viking 11 was in hot pursuit of another nice fish for our season, This one had a huge head and shoulders but very very short, so was released at 850lbs. Scott was still a very happy man and the boys who have only fished for small blacks and sails off Brisbane, could not believe the size of these creatures.