13th October 2010 A game of changing furtunes

Hello Beautiful people.

Well I must admit we have not been spending a huge amount of time Marlin fishing of late, a full bottom fishing programe before lunch Catching trout and red Emperor, of cause the clients wishes, has been eating a bit of the day light hours. the news was out that the big girls were about, so I was keen to get in on the action, At 5.45 pm after a day of only one bite out of a small fish, and feeling a little despondent, I was slightly energised by the two fish marks that appeared on my Sounder screen, Moments later the centre rigger got crashed by a very large fish, 18.45 pm the yells and screems from below lifted my spirits  as the big fish jumped on the leader for the last time, and was released in perfect condition.  How big Billy came the call, 950lb I said, but these days we just say a real nice one, and that she was.