12th October 2011 Another giant fish but no cigar.

Hello folks

Just had 3 days, after the tournament, with a very relaxing group, we spent the mornings reef fishing, and swiming snorkeling, fresh fish lunch behind the reef, and got into the Marlin Fishing after lunch,the weather has been spectacular, for those sort of activities, we still managed to get our bites on the Marlin scene, and a fish a day for this relaxed group was not a bad effort.

Joe Golias and friend Austin from Texas Joined us today we quickle headed up to No 10 ribbon, it was,nt long before  fish appeared behind the skad on the Tow Cam. The boys were all yelling from below but even in the Tower I could not make it out, they yelled when it bit, but after a few short jumps it fell off. Than less than 30 minutes later the fresh skipping mackerel on the short rigger got bit by a huge fish, the bite was amazing, well Joe was hooked up to a real tough guy, and after 1 hour 20 minutes we had her real close and getting tied, but after the heavy drag we were using to try and get a result with this fish, the 650lb leader finally gave up, I think the tail may have got to it.

It was a truly Great fish, and gave us a great fight, the fish won its freedom and she new all of my tricks to try and catch her.

Joe was more than happy just for the encounter, 10 minutes later we caught Austin his first black marlin 300lb, not bad for for a first day, and my new clients.