11th November 2009 Back on the bank.

Hello Folks

Been a few days sinced my last blog, To be honest Just getting a little to tied some nights. Have been fishing Brent Morehouse for the last 5 days and averaging a fish a day, Today we had 4 bites on Opal Ridge and got 3 to 850lb, Brent is no newcommer to catching nice marlin having caught 3 up and over the 1000lb mark since he has been with me, in 9 years. He also reminds me that he has’nt missed catching a nice one in the 9 years he has been coming to the reef. Brent is from the states and loves Australia and the GBR.

I am getting quite excited as in 5 more days, or as my son Kai tells me 5 more sleeps I will be seeing my whole family for the first time in over 2 months. It will only be for 3 nights untill I go back out and do the last few weeks before heading home. Holly, My eldest daughter, Emmie- Rose, and Kai, and of cause the wonderfull Kimmy, will be staying in the Shangra la  hotel for a week, complements of the owners. The job does have some great perks. But being away from the family for so long is very hard and I miss them very much. This may not be a Marlin shot but means so much more to me .