10th October 2009 The wind she blows and the fishing goes OFF

Hello folks

What place in the world could you set down to lunch in luxuary behind the reef, on a mothership, enjoying Asian green salad and baked lamb cutlets, observing the marlin boats outside the reef fishing, and 30 minutes later have a fish around 1000lb chasing the bait you had just put in the water.

Well thats was the start of our day yesterday, with the taste of a georgeous lunch still on our lips we had a big fish up straight away, that crashed the bait but did not hook up. 3 minutes later we had her male companion hooked up and was released at 200lb, and than 10 minutes later another monster appeared and again no hook up. The big fish were just running with the baits in there mouths and not eating.

Two big fish bites and a small fish caught in half an hour, I also observed 2 other boats hooked up around me, One hour later  we released a 800 lber, which made the new team extreamly happy with their first day.

The first strong wind warning for the season had also bought in some nice fish to the edge, and after a chat with Capt Corey Hard on the VHF, who was fishing nearby, the reality that were were about to enter a hot bite of big fish was starting to sink in.