10th November 2013 A great fun Trip.

Hello Folks

Just finished a four day gig with my good mates, Joel, Stuart, Colin, and laugh a minute Ashleigh, always a great time, The first day on Linden bank only produced one small fish, and the boys were keen to get up to the beauty of the Ribbons, a bit of sinker bouncing and snorkling. The first half of day 2 saw us light tackle fishing for bait, and mackerel for dinner and did great on Northern Bluefin, Mack Tuna, scaley Mackerel, and Spanish Mackerel for Dinner. We started the marlin fishing program at Lena the bottom end of the Ribbons at 2pm, but although the water looked pretty no bites.

Day 3 a morning bottom fish resulted in Red emperor, and other quality table fish, The afternoon marlin fishing got another smaller fish. Oh I should mention the party night rafted up along side Askari.

Day 4 of cause everyone a little quitter, a bite and missed fish got everyone on the ball, and all saw the lovely bite as a 700lber eat the short skipping tuna, than the skad got hit, and we looking at a double header. The right hook came out and we got the left rod to the chair, a short fight had 2 fish of around the same 700lb mark all lit up at the boat, one was hooked and the other, the one we obviously lost earlier alongside her, what a site for the boys to see, very spectacular. The hooked fish was released, and both fish departed the scene of the crime. Nice finish to a fun trip.

Billy   .