Viking II & Captain Bill Billson, the most successful and established Marlin Fishing boat from the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns to the Gold Coast, Australia.


Captain Bill Billson

Capt Billy Billson has been Game fishing all his life, and professionally sport fishing for 35 years, running Marlin fishing charters, sport fishing charters and exclusive Bluewater fly fishing charters, and one of the few owner operators in the industry.

Starting out as crewmen on Australia’s top Marlin boats, and now recognized himself as Australia’s No 1 sport fishing and game fishing boat Captain. This statement can be verified by his results through his history, No other Australian Captain comes close to his tournament achievements, as examples Capt and his boats Viking and Viking II have won the prestigious Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic 5 times, and runners up just as many. As Captain he has also weighed the largest fish in this tournament numerous times.  The largest tournament in the Southern-Hemisphere, the New South Wales interclub tournament, has also been won by Billson 4 times, this is to name just a few of his tournament results

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The Largest Blue Marlin weighed ( 836lb ) by the Gold Coast charter fleet , was caught on Viking 11 with Billson as captain and crew. The largest game fish ever to be caught on saltwater fly an incredible 289lb blue marlin on 20lb tippet, as well as the largest striped marlin on fly, 231lb on 16lb tippet, were all caught on Viking 11 with Billy Billson as captain.

Massive Black Marlin behind the Viking II

He is consistently in the top placing on all tournaments from Cairns to Sydney. His list of Marlin captures for his clients is outstanding, to say the least, including Eleven 1000lb plus marlin weighed, two over 1200 pounds . He is conservative in saying that he has tagged & released another 40 Plus marlin over a thousand pound, in his long history, of 32 years as captain of Viking and Viking 11.  Billson and Viking II amazed the rest of the Cairns Fleet by consecutively catching over 100 fish for the Giant Black Marlin season, rarely done before. (101 & 105) using a new technique, in cairns waters, implemented by Capt Billy Billson.

He is consistently in the top few boats for most fish caught for the season, and has topped the fleet many times in his history.

Capt Bill’s diversity in fishing excels with Bluewater fly fishing. Two of the most famous world records were caught off Viking II., with Billson as Captain. His Fly-fishing records include the largest fish ever caught on fly (289lb blue marlin on 20lb tippet) the largest striped marlin ever caught on fly ( 231lb striped marlin on 16lb ) So you can be sure you are in the best of hands when you chose a fishing charter with Capt Billy Billson.

His boat Viking 11, is perfectly appointed to provide,  speed, maneuverability and comfort and is ideal for day trips, live-aboard charters, or working with a mother ship on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and the east coast of Australia.

Viking 11 moves along the east Coast of Australia following the best marlin fishing seasons. His schedule includes. September to early December. Cairns Lizard Island region. December to September, Gold Coast.


“The best there is…

Every year for the past ten years I have fished with Capt Billy Billson on the magnificent Viking 11. Every trip we have had great success, with fun filled exciting fishing.

Having chartered boats, and fished in many parts of the world, Cairns, Gold Coast, and Port Stephen’s stand out for me as the best places to fish, you maximise your chance of catching truly great fish, it is imperative that you fish with a dedicated and experienced fishing  Captain. Capt Bill Billson tops the chart, and fishing with him gives you the best chance of catching that dream fish. I have certainly caught my fair share of great fish all credit to Bill and his team.

After a great days fishing its happy hour, great food and company behind the reef, as the sun goes down. It does not get any better than a fishing trip with Bill and his crew on Viking 11. That’s why I keep coming back.”
Beau Kuok, Owner, Shangri la,  Chain of Hotels

“Billy’s years of knowledge and success shine throughout this 2 day workshop.  I not only immensely enjoyed each part of the workshop but have managed to successfully use Bill’s switch baiting techniques out of my own boat.  I’m now happy to say that switch baiting is the way to go if shown by an expert like Billy!”
Brian Jefferson, Gold Coast

“We learnt so much…2 days on the awesome Viking II, being taught by the best in the business! What more could any angler want?”
Neil Delaney Sydney NSW