Port Stephens

Port Stephens Marlin Fishing

 January To April

The Viking II heads south to Port Stephens for the months of January to April. Port Stephens NSW, is about 2.5 hours drive north of Sydney, along a modern F3 Freeway or a 30 minute flight from Sydney. Capt Bill who was born and raised in Sydney, was first introduced to Game fishing out of Port Stephens at a tender age of 10 by his father, they were regular visitors on holidays to the port, and never missed the NSW interclub tournament, the largest game fishing tournament in the southern hemisphere with over two hundred boats. It would be hard to find someone who has spent as much time game fishing off this port, and only a few people have participated in as many interclub tournaments as Bill. He has stood on the winner’s podium more times than he can remember as crewmen. And no one could say that they have won the tournament 4 times as captain both in Capture and tag and release.

Three of the Billfish species, black, blue and striped marlin migrate there each year during these months. It is not uncommon to catch all three species in a day’s fishing, known as a grand slam, and this has been achieved many times on bills boats. Blue marlin up to 600lbs are not uncommon with very large specimens presenting themselves occasionally. The recent years there have been over 15 world records for black, blue and striped marlin caught in these waters using not only conventional tackle but also ultra-light tackle and fly fishing tackle. Four of these world records were caught in the 2000 season on 2lb, 4lb and 6lb, an outstanding feat.

A serious bluewater fly fishing industry is quickly being established due to these world record results. Capt Bill Billson was at the helm of his boat Viking 11 for the capture of the largest fish to date to ever be captured on fly fishing  tackle, a 288lb blue marlin on 10kg tippet, as well as the largest striped marlin to date to be caught on fly-fishing tackle a 231lb on 16lb. He excels at switching fish from teaser baits to the fly, and world famous flyfishing guide Dean Butler has quoted; He has never seen a better driver on fish.

Port Stephens is a must as a world class fishing destination, it also attracts tourists by the thousands each year because of its stunning coastal scenery, pristine golden beached and crystal clear waterways. The harbour of Port Stephens is around two and a half times the size of Sydney Harbour making it a boatman’s paradise. Port Stephens also boasts resort style accommodation, award-winning restaurants with magnificent views and many tourist attractions.

Of cause not ever body has the need to be in the record book, or stand on the podium if you just want a great fun trip and great fishing, no one has more experience and better value for money than Capt Bill Billson and the magnificent 46ft custom Woodnutt Viking 11


Marlin fishng day charter.
Includes all tackle and bait, lunch and drinks.
$2500.00 per day.

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